Steve VanArsdale


Contract PPM, VanArsdale & Associates

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Certified ScrumMaster


Steve VanArsdale commented on the article, "The Agile Theory of General Relativity"

Steve VanArsdale commented on the article, "My New Most Favorite Agile Tool: The Agile Map"


Steve VanArsdale

Enterprise Project Manager - PPM System Architect, PMO Mentor, and CISA auditor.
"I believe that it is possible to manage project investments in a way that enriches ALL participants... including Team Members. We can make Sponsors, Stakeholders, and Team Members productive by blending PMBoK methods and CoBIT practices into PPM techniques that reduce Cost, save Time, and control Scope, while binding projects and teams on a track to unqualified successes. My personal commitment is to inspire project organizations to these personal and organizationally-rewarding Best Practices."

CSM - PMP - CISA - Top 10% of all personal profiles requested from Linked In in 2012.

Articles I've written

My New Most Favorite Agile Tool: The Agile Map
I was recently asked to coach a team to help a giant company "deploy Agile." Like all great projects, this one seemed to be starting late, with a shrinking budget. So I needed a way to quickly figure what to do and add early value. And needless to say, I needed this approach to look like I knew what I was doing.

The Agile Theory of General Relativity
Agile has a Manifesto. It's about time we had a universal truth.