Sue Uyetake


Agile Scrum Master, QA, Web Design/Programming Trainee

Location: Boulder, CO

303 929-0085


Certified ScrumMaster


Enjoy the Many Paths to Quality!!
It can be a Fractal Journey.. pretty, colorful, scenic.
Wiser Choices in Each Iteration.

- Sue Uyetake
  Agile Scrum Master, QA, now training up in Web Design/Programming

I was one of eight Product Managers at the very first NewTech Nonprofit Night 90 minute working Sprint for a group of eight nonprofit organizations getting on-the-spot technical assistance from technologists in the room, rsvp'd at 300 people! Yes, we used microphones for our summaries to the room.

Later that month, I was in a full weekend of 90 minute Sprints at SnapCamp in the TechStars bunker in Boulder. Since then, I coached a small team in downtown Denver find their feet and get going on the Scrum Process.

This year I am on the PMI Speaker List and sharing Technology Nonprofit experiences with Agile. Come see me at PMI MileHigh Lone Tree in September 2011!