Susan Tait


Scrum Master and Technical Business Analyst, ServerLogic

Location: Hillsboro


Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Portland Agile and Scrum Group


Hi, I'm Susan Tait.

Who are you? If you're interested enough to read this, please feel free to introduce yourself via contact info in my profile.

Stories I often tell include:

Starting up a LEGO Robotics team and running it on agile principles--and saw the classroom dynamics and relationships change among primary schoolers who'd been in well-established cliques for years. The Mad Macaroni Monkeys did well enough at the tournament to have a good time--won a design award (agile principle:The best designs come from self-directed teams). They qualified their school for an Intel/Lego grant application--and best of all, the Team recruited the next year's team!

Getting lost in a Madrid suburb and discovering that my Spanish was just good enough to entertain, and to communicate with, the Very Old Ladies in Black who probably secretly run the city from their coffeehouse, as well as with the gang of youths on an isolated street.

Going skin diving for the first time, noticing with disappointment that there are no fish in the reef, and turning around to meet a barracuda.My first thoughts: Don't barracuda school? followed by, Did I take my shiny earrings off before I left my hotel this morning?

Words people often use to describe me include intense, creative, driven, analytical, sensitive, and introverted.

Words StrengthsFinders uses to describe me include 1. Strategic, 2. Input, 3. Learn, 4. Activation, and 5. Individuation.

Translated:1. I connect the dots and look around corners to find more dots. 2. I collect dots for their own sake because I like dots. 3. I like knowing all the ways dots can be created and connected. 4. I can't wait to connect the dots: when do we start? 5. I don't expect any two people to be the same about how they connect, collect, and communicate their own dots.

Stuff I like includes photography, life drawing, history, chess, and Chinese poetry.





Work experience

Thinkstream, Scrum Master
February 2010 - Present, Tigard, OR, United States
Moved up from business analysis to scrum master. Set up basic scrum cycle and managed sprints and backlog from VersionOne Enterprise Edition for a $1.3 million-dollar project after managing requirements for a similarly sized project.