Suneesh Nazar


Scrum Master, IBM India Pvt Ltd

Location: Bangalore


Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Agile Bangalore

Agile Kerala



-   8+ Years of diverse and extensive experience in software development.

-   Work experience in different roles such as Scrum Master, Project Leader, Module/Team Leader and Developer.

-   Efficiently expertise with different models like Agile, Scrum, Waterfall method of developing software applications.

-   Diversity of experience in different domains such as ERP, Finance, Communication, Electrical and Electronics.

-   Experienced with quality and process management using various tools in compliance with CMM Level 5 Process Management.

-   Expertise in applications development using Microsoft Technologies (C#, VB6.0, SQL SERVER).


-   Ability to coordinate with various teams involved in the project.

-   Excellent analytical, design and problem solving skills.

-   Ability to work and execute challenging environments in tight schedule.

-   Quick grasp of the system and enhance the system's performance after analysing and reviewing its functionality.

-   Ability to do disciplined and time managed work.

-   Familiarity with Software Engineering concepts & Software Development.

-   Database design & Designing test cases.

-   Strictly adhere to the quality standards and strive hard to provide 100% quality output by following the guidelines of SEI-CMM and Quality system.

Key Skills                 

-   C#.Net

-   NUnit/NUnit Forms

-   XML

-   Visual Basic 6.0

-   VisualBasic.Net

-   Component Object Model (COM/DCOM)

-   SQL Server/MS-Access

-   Tally Development Language (TDL)

-   VersionOne/Splice-M

-   CruiseControl (Automated Build)

-   Visual Source Safe(VSS)/Tortoise Subversion(SVN)/SourceOffSite(SoS)


-   Successfully trained the team on Scrum for BillingRecon Project

-   Developed and implemented the BillingRecon tool using Scrum method

-   Configuration management system using SVN has been installed

-   Initiated the process of migrating legacy application written using VB 6.0 to the .Net platform in Aug 2009. Submitted the study and evaluation report within a month in Sep 2009.

-   Provided solution to automate the system of a non-IT firm thereby increasing the sales and reducing the cost of production.

-   Implemented and trained the SCRUM model of software Application development inside the organization following CMM Level 5 process and tailoring many of the process.

-   Increased the business engagement with the client by inducing more resources thereby making on-time delivery, adhering strictly to the quality standards.

-   Lead the team to increase the Customer Satisfaction Index from 3 to 7 out of 10 within the initial 3 months with the VINCOM project.

Successful co-ordination of on-site and off-shore resources through efficient implementation of professional system and requirement gathering travelling to UK and Israel.

Work experience

- Present,

Successfully implemented the scrum process as a Scrum Master

Setup of the configuration management system using SVN.

Trained the team to work in scrum and acted as a Scrum Coach.

- Present,

Worked as a Coach for various projects to implement and train Agile/Scrum.

Successfully completed and submitted the report for migrating legacy application written in VB 6.0 to .Net platform.

Providing support to multiple IT and non-IT organizations to automate their system using latest software solutions.

- Present,


On-site Co-ordinator/Project Leader for MAKO GUI

Played key role of on-site co-ordinator on furnishing and analysing the requirements and making quality deliverables at the end of each sprint.

Followed the Scrum model of software development using tools like VersionOne, Wiki and Subversion for configuration management.

Contributed in terms of effective team player on developing significant modules in data management for back office.

Extensively used tools like VB 6.0, SQL Server, COM objects and VC++

Provided creative support to the team in technically helping to develop the application meeting the targets and deadlines.

- Present,

ISpace is an ERP solution from Lantek. Moreover than that it acts as a platform for the various kinds of other products where we can plug in these into iSpace.

The product uses the n-tier architecture with extensive use of COM components.

Used the various technical tools like VB.Net, VB 6.0, SQL Server, XML, COM etc.

Module Lead/Developer/Liaison Engineer for Tally 7.2/Tally Ascent

Tally Synchronization – Tech lead for developing the system for auto-synchronization in tally, the process of data being transferred between two or more instances of Tally.

Data Integration – Developed (Analysis, design, implement and test) significant components of the release. The module allows clients to map accounting and inventory entries from CRM, DMS and proprietary packages to Tally. The client side UI using VB (Visual Basic 6) and XML allows the user to specify mapping between CRM package and Tally Fields. Page to depth translator developed using XML and VB, allows the deployments to maintain customer-specific flow, accurate mappings. Summary generator generates a granular summary of session data from the entire session that is available from the application logs (imported into a database). This in turn is used to generate the debug files for detection of the integration errors.

Developed and implemented ERP solution for Al-Star Aluminium Company called AlstarPPC - Production Planning and Control system (ERP).

Maintained high customer satisfaction by successfully implementing the educational management system called WizdomEMS, the business automation system called BATS, the human resources management system called DrMZ for various clients in and out of India.