Sharad Julka


Agile Transformation Consultant, Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd

Location: Bangalore


Sharad Julka is Agile Transformation Consultant with Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd. He has been coaching Scrum teams for about 5 years now. Before being Agile Consultant, he has worked as Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner. He has worked in multiple domains that include education, PCI industry, SAP HRM domain, Telecom Software, Telecom platform, Mortgage and Financial Services and open source platform. He has been providing basic and advanced trainings in scrum to scrum masters, product owners, managers, IT infrastructure. 

He has been speaking at various conferences in the past.Some of the conferences where Sharad was a speaker are:

1. Scrum Day India 2010 on the topic 'Code of ethics and professional conduct for a Scrum Master'

2. Agile Tour Pune 2010 on the topic 'Risks With Agile Projects'

3. Agile Tour Bengaluru 2010

4. Agile Tour Bengaluru 2011 as a co-speaker on the topic 'Requirements Management: Lessons We Learnt' 

4. Agile Tour Pune 2012 on the topic 'Example Based Approach To Product Refinement'

5. 'Simplilearn 'PM+ Event' on the topic 'Is Your Team Agile?'

6. 'Regional Scrum Gathering Pune 2013' on the topic "Battling the Bell Curve In an Agile Enterprise

Sharad has been actively associated with the Scrum community for past 5 years since he co-founded ISEC(India Scrum Enthusiasts Community) with Madhur Kathuria. Since then he has been contributing as organizer, reviewer and speaker in all of ISEC events. Currently, he is contributing as Program Chair for Scrum Alliance sponsored event, AgileNCR 2014 to be held from 3rd to 5th April 2014.