Scott Emery


Certified ScrumMaster/Sr. Business Analyst, UTi Worldwide

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA


Certified ScrumMaster


Scott Emery

Just starting as a Certified ScrumMaster/Senior Business Analyst at UTi Worldwide, implementing a new freight-forwarding system.  This is a ground up project, including helping to build the Scrum team.  Looking forward to it!

Previously at Nike, I worked on an Enterprise Scrum team building two world-class mobile apps called Nike+ Training and Nike+ Basketball. My job was initially as a Business Analyst to make sure the requirements were clear and concise. This role ended up filling many of the ScrumMaster duties in working closely with the Product Owners, helping them define the product roadmap and put it into Atlissian JIRA to track work. At the end of the project the JIRA database had over over 10,000 cards (including both user stories and tasks). The job also had me facilitate integration meetings between three distributed teams, one in New York City (for the Front End Mobile app), one in London (doing the SDK) and Nike in Portland (developing the Nike+ back end). For a project this size, with over 100 people directly working on it (if you include business and the distributed teams), it was the most effective Agile/Scrum effort I have ever worked on. The products shipped worldwide in 5 languages and implementation was incredibly smooth.

Previous to Nike I worked for 3 years at the State of Oregon on a small Agile team (5 members) developing an enrollment and payment tracking system that provided housing for low-income people with HIV/AIDS. This project was full-spectrum Agile, in that I did everything from gather the requirements to design the interfaces, facilitate daily scrums, reviews, retrospectives, wrote automated test scripts, and implemented the project in the field. Lots of learning, and solid friendships developed. 

Four other companies have also let me work with them in various levels of Scrum/Agile and Waterfall software development.  You can see more at my LinkedIn profile page, 

Work experience

UTi Worldwide, Certified ScrumMaster / Sr. BA
July 2012 - Present, Portland, OR, United States
Developing a new freight-forwarding system using Scrum methodology.

Nike, Inc, Sr. Business Analyst
November 2011 - July 2012, Beaverton, Oregon, United States
Developed Nike+ Training and Nike+ Basketball software using Scrum Methodology.

State of Oregon, Agile Sr. Business Analyst
December 2008 - June 2011, Portland, OR, United States
Beginning-to-end Agile development of an enrollment and rent payment system, from requirements through implementation and everything in between.