Steven Crago


Senior IT Architect/Agile SME, IBM

Location: Copperas Cove, TX


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster

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Steve Crago is an IBM Certified IT Architect and a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) in the Mobile Solution team within IBM's Interactive Solution Service Area.  He has a proven track record in guiding project teams to achieve the successful design, implementation, and delivery of custom and off-the-shelf Mobile Solutions and Applications in numerous client environments using various Agile processes/methods.

He has vast experience in designing and implementing Mobile B2B eCommerce applications and telematics applications on a variety of device form factors. He also has proven experience designing Java EE and SOA applications for enterprise solutions. He is actively engaged in providing solutions by applying agile practices/methods to optimize initiatives, assessing and planning for the application of agile practices, preparing and conducting Agile/Scrum training, as well as IBM Agile With Discipline (AWD) training. 

He is a leading Agile practitioner in the IBM Mobile Solutions group and is frequently called upon to provide agile mentoring, advice, and training to other members of his group.  He is a hands-on IT Architect who possesses highly-developed technical and leadership skills. He is an excellent communicator who possesses a strong work ethic.

Work experience

IBM, Agile SME/Coach
November 2013 - November 2013, Far Hills, NJ, United States

The client was in the process of transforming their IT project execution to an agile process.  As part of their agile transformation, the client had adopted a Continuous Integration process to facilitate the build, test, and deployment of applications. The client brought me in as an agile coach to assess their existing policies, procedures, and practices and provide them with guidance to support a move to adopt Scrum and other agile related processes around testing and Continous Delivery.  I performed an Agile Assessment and Planning Workshop to assess the client's current agile practices, defined areas for improvements, and developed an action plan to address these gaps.  I also provided Scrum Coaching and recommendations for follow-on work.

IBM, Agile SME/Coach
August 2013 - September 2013, London, United Kingdom

I was a member of a US based team that was working with an International Company based in London to help them integrate Scrum into several geographically dispersed divisions.  I was tasked to provide Scrum coaching and training to 3 teams that worked in Bratislavia, Poland, and the UK.  The teams were brought to London for the initial sessions to evaluate their level of Scrum/agile knowledge and to conduct workshops in order to help them perform hands-on practice using knowledge they had received during their formal periods of instruction.  After 30 days of intensive coaching/instruction sessions I provided an assessment of what the teams had achieved during each workshop, as well as a learning roadmap to use as a guide for future training and coaching.

IBM, Focus Team Lead/Agile Consultant
January 2013 - June 2013, Harrisburg, PA, United States

As the Focus Team Lead, I am responsible for supervising the development, testing, delivery, and defect management of the assigned packages during each two week iteration for two development teams and one System Integration Test team. As an Agile Consultant, I have been asked to integrate some Agile processes into the development and testing aspects for not only my teams but the other two development and test teams as well. I have conducted sessions on Scrum, principals and values of Agile, and Test Driven Development. I have also integrated Daily Stand-up meetings for all the teams involved in the project.

IBM, Scrum Master, Mobile Solution Architect
July 2009 - February 2010, Atlanta, GA, United States
I was a Scrum Master and Mobile Solution Architect in support of an innovative nationwide mobile payments initiative. The project consisted of two-week sprints with a defined deliverable for each sprint. I participated in all aspects of the Product Backlog Planning, Sprint Planning, daily Scrum meetings, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective. I also coordinated integration and readiness of deployment with the other teams. As a Mobile Solution Architect, I provided input into the J2ME MIDlet/Applet Functional Model, the MIDlet Architecture, and the MIDlet/Applet Lifecycle. I worked with the Product Owner in order to provide assistance on defect prioritization and tracking using Rational Team Concert with the Scrum plug-in. I assisted in the creation of user stories, storyboards, and program specification documents as required/requested by the client.

IBM, Scrum Consultant, Senior Enterprise Integrator
March 2009 - June 2009, Overland Park, KS, United States
As a Scrum Consultant and Senior Enterprise Integrator, I was responsible for evaluating a third party that the client had hired as part of a systems integration program. I reviewed the third party company’s implementation of the Scrum approach and provided recommendations for improvement. I advised the client on Scrum implementation and made recommendations that could be used to improve the overall performance of the Scrum teams, such as conducting Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retrospectives at the end of each Sprint instead of waiting until the end of a planned release. I recommended that a person from the offshore team be trained and appointed the Scrum Master for the offshore development team. I was also responsible for applying IBM's knowledge of the client's processes/applications and leading practices towards migration of potential risks/issues from an Enterprise perspective for the client's online presence. I provided technical oversight and enterprise integration management.

Articles I've written

The Fear of Agile Transformation
Based on my participation in software development teams since 1992 and my personal transformation to Agile in 2005, I believe that fear is one of the major contributing factors behind the resistance to an Agile transformation. . . .

Scrum and Waterfall Integration Dependencies
Over the past several years, I have worked with many clients who, while in the process of incorporating Scrum, either did not have company-wide implementation or had contracts with third parties who were using Waterfall and did not intend to change to Scrum or any other Agile process. . . .