Scott Barnes


Senior Agile Coach, Santeon Group, Inc.

Location: Orlando, FL


Certified ScrumMaster


Scott M. Barnes is an experienced business executive and management consultant at Persis Consulting, a Certified Scrum Master and a Business Improvement Coach. He brings to bear over 16 years of expertise in various roles in industries such as Enterprise Content Management, Telematics, Travel, Digital Mapping, Defense and Commercial Printing.


Scott is the co-author of “Emergent Design: Leveraging Agile Retrospectives to Evolve Your Architecture” (with Derek Wade). Scott has coached, mentored and presented at all levels of the business. Most recently he presented at Scrum Gathering 2010.


Scott’s focus is working with business leaders, helping them move to a more results/value based management style. His coaching helps organizations and teams change behavior which improves their overall effectiveness, viability and collaboration. His successful ability to marry the effectiveness of Agile/Lean with the needs of business, creating value within the software engineering organization, and growing teams has been a catalyst for positive change in business at all levels.