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Satish Alluri

I am a friendly person with a holistic approach to my life. I believe in being happy at all times and trying to be patient in times of both success and failure.


Work experience

Acumen Solutions Inc, Sr. Consultant I
July 2010 - Present, Fairfax, VA, United States
Acumen Solutions, Vienna, VA June 10 - Current The Carlyle Group, Washington DC June 10 - Current Functional Lead The Carlyle group is one of the world’s largest and most diversified multi-product global alternative asset management firms. The ‘Asset Management System’ (AMS) is used to maintain, manage and report the financial information for all real estate assets owned by ‘US Real Estate’ group within Carlyle. US Real Estate and Carlyle IT groups initiated an Agile based multiple release implementation cycle to ensure that AMS is updated and enhanced on a timely basis to meet the business user’s needs and requirements. Carlyle HR and Accounting also initiated multiple efforts to perform system enhancements to accommodate on-demand business user requests for the ‘Pay Processing System (ADP)’ and ‘User Profile Management System – Salesforce’ • Facilitated Requirements Development Sessions with the business user groups to detail out the baseline requirements for the project ‘AMS.’ • Facilitated and coordinated Application Development Sessions with the development team ensuring the development of the system according to the finalized business requirements for the project ‘AMS.’ • Worked with the Business, IT Development, and Quality Assurance communities to review the Functional, Non-functional, and System requirements; to plan and strategize the testing efforts for the projects ‘AMS,’ ‘Salesforce Implementation,’ and ‘HR Cost Center Implementation.’ • Worked towards the creation of AsIs and ToBe process maps easing the process of decision making for business stake holders for the Valuation Workflow updates for the ‘Asset Management System.’ • Created detailed Test Strategy Plan(s) in order to facilitate and coordinate detailed System Testing and User Acceptance Testing for the various projects. • Facilitated Test Strategy Review Sessions with the business stake holders and development teams in order to get approval for the documented testing strategies. • Worked towards the estimation of Level of Efforts and creation/update of Project Plans to finalize the timelines for the requirements gathering and quality assurance efforts. • Planned, directed, and coordinated the Quality Assurance efforts for the projects ‘Salesforce Implementation,’ ‘AMS,’ and ‘HR Cost Center Implementation’ while supervising the operations of 3-5 testers on-shore/ off-shore and ensuring completion of the testing activities within the determined deadlines. • Facilitated and coordinated the User Acceptance Testing for the projects ‘AMS’ and ‘Salesforce Implementation.’ • Facilitated Daily Defect Status Meetings to review, prioritize, and resolve the defects identified during the testing phase for the projects ‘AMS,’ ‘HR Cost Center Implementation,’ and ‘Salesforce Implementation.’

CGI Federal, Consultant
July 2009 - July 2010, Fairfax, VA, United States
CGI Federal, Fairfax, VA July 09 – June 10 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington DC July 09 – June 10 Functional Lead Office of Research and Development (ORD), the scientific research arm of EPA is a diverse organization comprised of various branches, divisions, and labs. Each of these groups utilizes a number of disparate systems in processing, archiving, and publishing documents. In most cases, these processes, or workflows, are paper-based with non-standardized procedures in place. ORD initiated multiple task orders to replace these redundant systems with an automated workflow process (ECMS), which will implement standard operating procedures for activities such as document routing, notifications, records retention, and taxonomy. • Worked with the Senior Management to create Technical Directive Documents (TDDs) for the task orders issued by US EPA for TRI Program. • Worked with the Project Manager and the Technical Lead to create the detailed Project Plan for the project “TRI.” • Facilitated Weekly/ Bi-Weekly Status Meetings (Internal and External) providing the platform to discuss all project related issues for the project “AAI.” • Performed and maintained Monthly Health Checks for the project “AAI” within Cognos for the efficient management of project schedules, estimations, and financials. • Created and maintained the Project Work Book Repository for the project “ECMS” for the efficient management of various project management artifacts. • Created AsIs and ToBe process maps for the projects “AAI” and “ECMS” making it easier for the understanding of the current processes and help refine requirements for the future processes. • Performed GAP Analysis on the AsIs process maps to identify the critical gaps within the current processes and documented the identified GAPS within the desired artifacts. • Facilitated multiple Requirements Gathering Sessions/ JAD Sessions to identify and gather all the requirements for the future state system for the projects “AAI” and “ECMS.” • Documented all the requirements identified for the projects “AAI” and “ECMS” through JAD sessions with the multiple stakeholders. • Created and maintained Requirements Traceability Matrices (RTMs) for the better management and traceability of requirements for the projects “AAI” and “ECMS.” • Created and maintained various artifacts such as the “Functional Requirements Specification,” and detailed “Functional Design” documentation for the Proof of Concept system developed under the project “ECMS.” • Created a Technical Summary Recommendation Document for the project “ECMS” that highlighted the various advantages of a vendor product “EndNote” to the client in the import/ export of data. • Setup and maintained the requirements management tool “Rational Requisite Pro” for the efficient management of requirements for the project “AAI.” • Documented the AsIs and ToBe workflow processes within the Process Analysis document created for the project “ECMS.” • Created and maintained the System Test Plan and the Test Scripts for testing the system WRS developed under the project “AAI.” • Involved in the implementation of “AAI – Phase One” within CMMI Level 3 procedures. • Performed System Testing and provided support for User Acceptance Testing facilitated at client location for the project “AAI.” • Documented the Training/ User Guides distributed to the diverse user population of the system WRS developed under project “AAI” within ORD.

Parsetek Inc, Consultant
March 2009 - July 2009, Fairfax, VA, United States
Parsetek Inc, Centreville, VA April 09 – July 09 General Services Administration (GSA), Crystal City, VA April 09 – July 09 Sr.Business/Requirements Analyst Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), which falls under GSA, performs the major task of developing and managing efficient applications and systems, which will support the FAS business lines in accordance with GSA policies. The main scope of this project is to provide better Vendor Management services that provide contracting services for the federal government. Vendors who are awarded contracts with the government will need to abide by certain terms and conditions stated in that Solicitation. Vendors generally have exceptions to the terms and conditions for the respective solicitations and may elect to submit exceptions those clauses. Currently these exceptions are not being collected in a usable format throughout the multiple FAS contracting systems. Through this initiative FAS desires to overcome this problem and provide an efficient means to carry these exceptions throughout the multiple contracting systems. • Performed Impact Analysis on the Change Requests originating from the Defects identified by the Quality Assurance team and the Enhancements requested by the Business SMEs. • Facilitated Impact/GAP Analysis sessions with the project team for analyzing the Change Requests and documenting the Impacts and additional requirements for the project. • Created Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) in order to better manage requirements through-out the project between all the contracting systems • Facilitated Requirement Review Sessions in order to properly trace the requirements with the various Artifacts related to the project. • Updated the Use-Cases and the other project Artifacts accordingly based on the outputs from the Impact Analysis performed on the Change Requests as identified by the project team. • Assisted the project manager in the creation and maintenance of the Project Plans, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS,) and various other project artifacts.

Genex Technologies Inc, Consultant
May 2006 - April 2009, Newark, Delaware, United States
Genex Technologies Inc, Newark, Delaware May 06 – April 09 CIGNA HealthCare, Philadelphia, PA April 08 – March 09 Sr. Business Analyst CIGNA has been an esteemed provider of different health care products to the various employers across the globe. CIGNA in order to address changes in the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and at the same time in an effort to be industry competitive and ultimately differentiating came up with an initiative to enhance their Leave Solutions. As part of this initiative, CIGNA decided to provide an in house Claim Administration/Leave Management System with extended capabilities/enhancements. These capabilities include FML/STD leave processing, Claim management, integrated reporting, and Self- service capability • Performed GAP Analysis with the concerned project team working on this project to understand the current process path being undertaken for the Data Migration within the current Claims Administration System. • Facilitated JAD sessions for requirements gathering by having the key members from the three different teams attend the meetings related to the migration requirements and the process modeling of the Migration Process Path for the future state. • Facilitated Q & A sessions with the different teams individually to detail out the requirements for the Migration Requirements Documentation. • Assisted the project manager in facilitating sessions for the creation of the Migration Task/Cut-off Schedule and documenting the process effectively after each of these sessions. • Facilitated Quality Assurance sessions with the business SMEs to identify and create User Acceptance test scripts for the complete Claims Administration System. • Documented these manual test scripts within the Mercury Quality Center (MQC), which helped the business to properly utilize the test cases and report Defects through the MQC. • Provided Training to the business users in terms of testing the new Claims Administration System and provided additional training sessions on how to use the MQC. Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH May 06- March 08 Project Solution Lead Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. Nationwide Financial, a particular line of business within Nationwide Insurance had initiated a program level effort to restructure their Claim Management System. As part of this initiative multiple phases/efforts were planned to enhance the business processes applicable to Claims processing and at the same time restructure the Compensation Process Path based on which compensation/ commissions are being paid to the various agents as and once the claims have been processed. One of these phases/efforts was aimed at automating the Agency ‘Charge Back’ adjustments and the alignment of Broker/Agent business rules. • Facilitated Scope Identification sessions with the business SMEs and stakeholders to define the scope, high-level requirements and documented them appropriately within the Business Operating Model and the Business Alignment Document. • Facilitated the Business Process Modeling/Re-engineering sessions to identify the AsIs and ToBe Process Maps and documented them as part of the High-Level Requirements related to the major business processes within the scope of the project. • Facilitated Joint Application Development sessions to identify the Use Case/Story catalog and to detail out the Functional/Non-Functional Requirements from the High-Level Requirements. • Facilitated and lead Use Case/ Story Review Sessions at the beginning of each iteration, which ensured the correctness and the validity of the Functional Requirements detailed out under these Use Cases/Stories. • As the Requirements Liaison facilitated the appropriate Requirements/Design Review sessions, which helped the business stakeholders and the IT team at Nationwide to assess the status of the requirements and also provide updates to the requirements • As the Project Management Liaison, assisted the project manager in facilitating the daily/weekly status meetings in the absence of the project manager, provided status updates on different project tasks, and updated project task schedules as and when needed. • Also assisted the project manager in facilitating the Risk/Issue Identification and Mitigation sessions for the duration of the project, thereby providing additional advantage in the Project Management tasks for the project. • Facilitated Iteration Planning Sessions along with the Business Lead on the project, which included business SMEs from the various line of business and the project team to gauge their dependencies on the project, created, and documented the Iteration/Implementation Plan based on the notes from these sessions. • Facilitated Planning Sessions with the Requirements Team and the project teams to effectively create various artifacts such as the WBS, Requirements Management Plan, and the Change Management Plan.