Rutger van Dijk


Scrum Master / Agile Business Analyst, Port of Rotterdam

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Certified ScrumMaster


Rutger van Dijk

I’m an creative, allround IT-consultant with broad knowledge and an open mind. The agile way-of- thinking fits very well with my character: teamwork, communicative and social, creative, practical, results that count, and continious learning and improvement of skills, techniques and tools. 

Delivering simple solutions, direct interaction with end users, design for change, and people collaborating effectively are my personal motivations. In the end, the only real goal is to build and deliver high quality products and enjoying the process! 

#design #architecture #bicycles #apple #usability #fishing #scrum #agile #it-with-a-smile 

Work experience

Port of Rotterdam, Scrum Master / Business Consultant
September 2009 - Present, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Scrum Master for the HaMIS project, which develops a new (marine) information system for the Rotterdam Port Authority. The project consists of three teams with sprints of 3 weeks.