Robin Dymond


Managing Partner, Innovel, LLC

Location: Washington D.C., New York, NY, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC, San Francisco CA


Certified Scrum Trainer
Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified ScrumMaster


Robin Dymond, CST
Managing Partner
Innovel, LLC

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Robin Dymond is a proven leader and innovator in training for Scrum, Agile, and Lean methods. He regularly achieves 100% increase in productivity of teams he trains and supports. These results are achieved by a deep understanding of Lean and Agile principles, team dynamics, and many Agile change experiences. Dymond developed Scrum, Lean, and Agile training for teams and trained hundreds of “new to Scrum” team members. At Agile 2008 Dymond co-presented an innovative new class for Scrum Product Owners that lead many to re-think their role and how business value is achieved.

A frequent speaker and organizer in the Agile community, Dymond co-organized and facilitated both the APLN National Leadership summit and the Agile Executive Consortium in 2007. He is a co-founder and board member of APLN Richmond, organizing Agile events. Dymond was assistant producer of Learning and Education stage at Agile 2008.

Dymond was a key member of a team that led the largest enterprise adoption of Scrum in financial services to date. This lean/agile initiative resulted in a time-to-market reduction of over 40% and process execution time savings of 70%. He worked as trainer and mentor to teams, coaches, and management for over 20 teams.

In 2002 2003 He lead the first large enterprise application development that used Agile and Microsoft .NET in Canada. Since then Dymond implemented Agile in service of multi-national retail companies, startups, and Fortune 500 clients.

Dymond has 20 years experience delivering complex products and services. His current focus on change, integrating Lean with Agile methods, and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of Agile methods keep his clients on the cutting edge. Dymond holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary. He is currently Managing Partner at Innovel, LLC.

Please contact Innovel, LLC a Lean Agile Consulting firm specializing in enterprise adoption of Scrum, Agile and Lean techniques.

Speaking and Agile Community Support by Innovel

Upcoming talks:

Agile 2010 Conference

2010-08-10 Agile 2010 Conference, Orlando, FL

Cooking the Product Stew

Talk on Large Scale & Distributed Agile with Jurgen De Smet

What is a stew? A stew is made from various ingredients you have around, left overs, new ingredients that go together well, and others that are filling but need lots of sauce. The enterprise software market is made up of products that are a stew of software on many legacy platforms that have evolved over a long period by many hands. Taking an enterprise software product to Agile methods is a challenge. In a uniquely European context, this presentation will draw from the ongoing agile adoption in a multi-location multi-team enterprise product with 460 staff in 4 countries and 5 locations.

2010-08-11: Agile 2010 Conference, Orlando, FL

What I learned from burning my parents' house down! 

Talk on Agile Coaching and how people respond to crisis and change with Yves Hanoulle.

July 1991 Yves' parents go on holiday. Leaving him (19 years old) to guard their house. 1 august 19 hour 36 minutes: Yves' parents house burns down. It was Yves' fault. And yet it was the best thing that happened to him till 2002. If you want to know why, come to our session. This interactive talk will show you why a crisis is a good thing. We make the link to agile transitions and how coaches can use a crisis. Why do people change? Do we consider their interests when making a change? This talk is based in part on the book A Sense of Urgency by change management expert John Kotter.


Past Events

AGILE 2009 8/24 Chicago Illinois
Robin Dymond, Producer, Main Stage.

Agile Eastern Europe 09/2009
Robin Dymond, Keynote
 - Gold Sponsor Innovel LLC

Scrum Gathering Orlando 04/2009

Presentation on Product Ownership with Jeff Patton

Scrum Gathering Stockholm 10/2008
Robin Dymond, Expert Panel on Enterprise Adoption of Scrum

AGILE 2008, Toronto, ON
Robin Dymond, Assistant Producer, Learning and Education Stage.

 - Main stage talk (90 min): "We suck less!" Isn't mediocrity great?
 - Tutorial (180 min): Beer Rewards! The Product Owner Simulation.

Agile Executive Consortium 3/2008

Agile Richmond
Robin Dymond, Co-founder, Board Member and Treasurer.

2007 APLN Leadership Summit, Richmond, VA Planning Committee
Robin Dymond, Organizing Committee
Robin Dymond, Think Tank Sessions and Speakers

Agile 2007 Conference, Washinton, D.C.
Robin Dymond, Mark Pushinsky, Product Owner Tutorial Presenters

Agile 2006 Conference, Minneapolis, MN
Robin Dymond, Deborah Hartmann, Appropriate Agile Metrics Discovery session and experience report

2005 University of Calgary Senior ebusiness Projects, Professor Frank Mauer, Phd.
As Technology Director Robin Dymond sponsored a CPSC student Agile project team to develop an internal web application for Critical Mass.

2004 XP Agile Universe XPAU 2004 Conference, Calgary:
Robin Dymond organized attendance by 24 staff and colleagues in Calgary.

2003 Microsoft Canada Special Presentation on using Agile and .NET
Robin Dymond presents the results of using Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Continuous Integration, and Automated testing on a 350,000 line ASP.NET application developed at startup RPM Software.

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Agile User Interface Design and Information Architecture From the Trenches
I was a Technology Director in a large web design company 6 years ago, and they failed to adopt Scrum. There were numerous management dysfunctions; however the Creative managers were the most resistant. Primarily, it was a case of not wanting real...