Dick Carlson


Founder and Managing Partner, Agile & Lean Education Associates (ALEA)

Location: Orange County, CA



Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified ScrumMaster


Dick Carlson is a well-known transformational leader and expert Agile coach guiding organizations and projects to achieve optimum ROI, high productivity, quality improvements, and increased customer satisfaction through training, coaching and mentoring.

His company, Agile & Lean Education Associates (ALEA), offers and provides a complete complement of services related to Agile and Lean software development and rapid system delivery for teams, executives, senior management, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and custormers, and organizational training, project team coaching, and organization coaching tailored to enterprise needs.

Dick has demonstrated experience in championing teams and organizations in delivering high quality products using Scrum; Provides complete and comprehensive training for Agile teams, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners; Conducts executive- and senior-level training on Agile benefits and values; Conducts Agile training for project and program managers; Provides Agile coaching assistance during and after project planning; Teaches teams how to establish close collaboration with Product Owners, users, and stakeholders; works closely with project teams, partners and stakeholders during project planning to assist in the creation of an initial product backlog, product roadmap, release planning, and ensures that core Agile team members possessmrequisite skill sets, and are identified and available.