Richard Birch



Location: Bristol, UK


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Richard Birch is a CSM and CSP. He has acted as ScrumMaster for a software development team, and also mentors and coaches ScrumMasters in other teams, both within IT and the wider business. Richard was trained initially, in 2009, by Geoff Watts. After year of applying and using Scrum Richard submitted case studies and became a CSP. Late in 2010, Richard enjoyed a refresher course, run by Paul Goddard (and Geoff again).

Richard has found the Scrum 'journey' to be a challenging but rewarding and fruitful one, with common sense at the core of the approach which runs up against a powerful inertia in terms of 'the way things work' in a corporate environment.

As a pragmatist and an implementor; Richard enjoys working with teams to get things done, and Scrum is a great vehicle for doing just this.

His latest challenge is much more complex and involves a large organisational shift to Agile, with mulitple cross functional teams all needing to be involved in an aligned and collaborative approach to delivery.

Work experience

Buro Happold,
October 2008 - Present, Bath, United Kingdom

Engineering consultancy

April 2013 - Present, Bristol, United Kingdom

Lead Business Analyst.

Leading a transition to Agile delivery in the digital space, from business prioritisation of projects and releases, through the upstream preparation of work so that it is dev-ready, and through to delivery and implementation.

July 2002 - October 2008, , United Kingdom

Educational Communication and Technology Agency