Maryann Snider


Principal, Agile Project Manager, CSM, CSPO,,

Location: Brisbane, CA



Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Maryann Snider has fifteen+ years experience with 100+ software development projects, and is passionate about enabling team motivation, realization of customer value, and tackling difficult challenges. Committed to producing high quality results through strategic planning and tactical application of technology solutions. Designing and enhancing knowledge systems, and working closely with cross-functional teams on multi-tier platforms and enterprise systems continually excites and satisfying.

I've Led several organizations on lively, sometimes chaotic journies that involve challenging mind sets to rethink about how work gets done. A passionate advocate of education and learning, I advocate to leadership the importance of training and ongoing coaching to support teams adopt new ideas and techniques for improving how they do work.  I've developed cross-functional team training, and actively led training on Scrum framework for for over 15 teams over the past three years. I believe Scrum Teams need support and alignment with customers, and have developed and delivered business training on Agile principles, values, and how Scrum teams work with Sr. Director of Site Merchandising, and all Business Owner stakeholders to ensure active engagement and alignment with our Business Owners who represent Club stakeholders and online Members/Guests.  Working software demos are prepared and held weekly, alternately from one Scrum Team to the other for feedback not only on current accomplishments, but also to invite ideas for improvements added to the Product Backlog. Our demos are open to not only our Business Owners, but to all GeC teams, and other interested business stakeholders. 

Two of my Site Redesign teams are using a custom Kanban physical wall to represents their unique daily work flow, they use to recommit to each other daily. Teams leverage Jira to track metrics and collaborate with non-colocated team members, such as Business members, or non dedicated members, such as User Experience Information Architects, and share with the story board with external teams. Excel is also handy to use due to absence of resports in Jira, for team's release plan, capacity plan, velocity trends, release burn up and other quality metrics to inform the Team of changes in their plan from the initial sprint to the final release of software to our members. 

As the desinated Agile Coach for multiple teams, my time is available as needed.  I've been an active member of Walmart GeC's Agile Transition Team, and am currently a member of Agile2 governance.  I serve as advisor on education, training, and documentation that is used to faciliate knowledge enhancements across all market places. I continue to work closely with internal and external Enterprise Agile Coaches in the GeC PMO who are leading the Agile transformation for the organization. 

At a program level, I established a weekly Scrum of Scrums forum for where 10 to 12 team representatives from three locations, and two countries can raise awareness to the cross-functional disciplines of the Portfolio Leadership Team (Product, Engineering, QA, Project, and others) of team impediments, cross team dependencies, resolve team member changes, Epic scope changes in the portfolio roadmap/backlog, as well as increase visibility of all of these issues across all of the teams with only a 30 minute agenda. I co-faciliate the forum with a Principle Project Manager who resides in a different state of the country.  Scrum of Scrums is a key collaboration forum where the Portfolio Leadership Team give direction, and support to the teams, and where they gain valuable information for the state of releases to prepare for their bi-monthly Executive Product Council forum.      

My interests are continual improvements of user experience using adaptive principles and values. Continually learning new ways to share experience and knowledge with like-minded professionals, and sharing fun during work, or away from work. My hobbies are reading, golf, travel, and spending time with family and friends.  

Work experience, Principle, Agile Project Manager, ScrumMaster, Agile Coach
July 2010 - Present, Brisbane, CA, United States

9/8/12 to present: Principle, Agile Project Manager, ScrumMaster for 2-3 teams and Agile Coach/trainer for 8-10 teams. Responsible for Site Redesign of all features in header, footer, site navigation, home page content, item page redesign, 360 degree item view, Club-Online pricing, Ratings & Reviews, Ask & Answer Bazaar Voice feeds, Marketing containers, Category Page, Search, Membership Self Service,  Membership Instant Savings Program, and Site performance tuning. 

10/1/11 to 9/7/12: Sr. Project Manager, ScrumMaster for 2-3 teams.  Developed Club Finder, item page, protection plan overlay, redesign of cart and checkoutt, shipment, payment, confirmation, receipt, print, new shipping program.

5/10/11 to 9/30/11: Sr. Project Manager, ScrumMaster for 2-5 teams.  Developed new eCommerce site for China, including new features for Cart, Checkout, My Account, Item Page, Search, and Browse.

7/12/10 to 5/9/11: Sr. Project Manager, ScrumMaster for 2-3 teams.  First experimental Agile Scrum team for Walmart Global eCommerce that led to larger organzational transformation from waterfall SDLC to Walmart's flavor of Agile.  Developed MWeb similar to functions only optimized, then implemented on iPhone and Android operating platforms. Features include: Header, Footer, Site Navigation Search, Browse, MyAccount, Item Page, Cart, Checkout, Payment, Shipping, Confirmation, Customer Feedback, SEO, and Site Analytics.

eTrade Financial, Manager, IT Project Management
September 2009 - July 2010, Menlo Park, CA, United States
Enterprise Systems Development Managed software engineering, business and regulatory projects for sales, service, operations enterprises, Managed performance management reporting for the organization's engineering portfolio, Simplified project reporting process resulting in 75% time reduction. Defined behavioral method and metrics to measure project manager productivity. Expert at managing requirements and change during full life cycle development from idea to implementation.

Charles Schwab Inc., Manager, Technical Project Management
October 1999 - April 2009, San Francisco, CA, United States
Integration, Project Management (PMO) Managed cross-enterprise, cross-affiliate program to enhance eCommerce cashiering operations, self-service electronic fund transfers, and retirement payment system. IT Project Manager, Customer Account Technology, Development Practices Managed project portfolio and customer domain and strategic alignment of SOA strategy, Develop WEB services and batch processes, Created Knowledge Management, Improved IT Governance, Managed Customer and Account Data Model, Internal front door work flow, Vendor relationships with 3 offshore vendors, Oversaw staff training for 160 personnel. Sr. Technical Project Manager, Customer Information Services Ushered in changes through a complex environment, managing cross-enterprise technical, business, and vendors to support Brokerage and Bank. Built 32 Websphere MQs for new Investor Checking product. Developed new Schwab Credit Card project making it WEB accessible, Cross Sell application for Customer Representatives while servicing customers, Improvement to Investor Profile application, Developed Complex Client Relationships application to service customers by household asset tiers, oversaw large data conversions for Cash Rationalization, and IRA account conversions based on household assets. Supported Schwab Technology Privacy initiative through systems analysis and recommendations to improve methods that ensure Information Security systems and procedures meet GLB Act requirements. Capital Markets & Trading Privacy rollout of GLB regulation to 10+ business unit's systems and procedures. Financial Industry-wide Decimalization of Charles Schwab Technology Enterprise-wide system conversions and data store changes to use the decimal standard instead of fractions.