Martin Smith


Director, Red Caesar Ltd

Location: London, UK


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


I started out as an accountant but always had a leaning towards system development having programmed in Pascal when I was younger. Having worked for a large Consultancy in Audit I switched "sides" and joined their consultancy division. OK first lesson learned from the consultancy - they know how to virtual teams and have a very shallow management structure. I then became a techical project manager and moved on to Pearson (RUP), William Hill (Scrum), Nokia (Scrum), BBC (Lean /  Kanban), O2 (Scrum), Transform UK (Scrum, Lean).

I formed my own company in 2007 and have done all my work since then on a contract basis. I love to challenge everything especially "Agile".

Now launching my company as more than just me. I have a great business partner and we offer:

Agile project start-up

When a client has a business need, a desire to deliver quickly and to the highest quality in an Agile way. Red Caesar's "Agile in a box" takes that idea and puts them in a form that can be delivered. Not only that, we set up the environments, tools and best in class, Agile working practices to ensure you produce working, high quality, software that meets your most pressing needs. 

We can take your existing team, and through hands-on training and coaching, help them adapt and flourish in your new, best of breed Agile team. Optionally, we can put together a team from scratch or seed your team with top notch people, helping you get the best from your Agile project team. We provide practical coaching, covering management and engineering practices, to create a complete working team – no need to spend unnecessary start up time; just get building high value, new products.

Ongoing Agile project support and troubleshooting

Finding Agile difficult, running out of ideas, not getting the benefits you imagined when setting out? Maybe you need an outside view to help you reinvigorate how you do software development. Our team can look at the whole spectrum of activities from how your business works with your development team, how you communicate inside and outside the team to how you achieve technical excellence. Maybe you need regular top-up coaching to keep those standards high -  we can provide a range of help from dipping in to teams to advice and assist, hands on interim management right through to classroom training.

Agile Team Management

Need someone to run the show? We don't just advise, we manage the software development process end to end. We provide a full service for you project including Product Ownership, Agile Project Management and ScrumMaster roles.


Work experience

July 2010 - Present, , United Kingdom

Scrum Coach at Telephonica O2

Transform UK, Agile Consultant
July 2011 - July 2012, London, United Kingdom
Agile Consultant, Coach, Product Owner, ScrumMaster

April 2008 - October 2010, London, United Kingdom

ScrumMaster and Agile Project Manager

BBC Worldwide,
January 2010 - April 2010, London, United Kingdom

Agile Project Manager (Kanban / Scrum)

William Hill PLC,
June 2007 - January 2008, , United Kingdom


Pearson PLC,
September 2003 - June 2007, London, United Kingdom

Agile Project Manager

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC),
June 1998 - December 2002, London, United Kingdom

Project Manager