Megan Reitan


Director of Integration Management,

Location: Oakland, CA/USA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Megan Reitan is an experienced Project Management professional and Certified Scrum Professional skilled in problem solving and delivering high profile, deadline driven products. As Director of Integration Management at she is responsible for managing M&A Integration Programs as well as coaching and training Agile and Scrum teams across IAC Search & Media portfolio companies.

With over 15 years experience in entertainment and hi-tech environments Megan is highly skilled in leading large technical and strategic teams successfully through long term, multi-phase engagements. A wiz at managing expectations, resolving team and project issues and negotiating IP, legal and financial terms, Megan also has extensive experience staffing and building Global Project and Product teams.

Past engagements and positions include projects with,, Urbanspoon,, Rovi Corporation, Yahoo, AOL, Earthlink, Disney, Gamestop, DirecTV, BBC Worldwide, ESPN, Disney, Canal 13 (Chile), ARTISTDirect, Universal, IMG, American Cinematographer and Columbia Tristar.

Work experience, Scrum Master/Scrum Evangelizer!
November 2007 - Present, Oakland, California
At I managed multiple Scrum teams (Our Mobile Apps team, our Content Page team and our Classification & Language Technologies team as examples). I also led Scrum training and "refreshers" for new or existing Scrum teams at and started using Scrum instead of Waterfall in 2010. I almost exclusively managed Scrum teams and performed Scrum orientation and training for new Scrum teams since November 2010 and have at least 3,200 hours using Scrum so far! (most likely more)

IAC Search & Media, Director of Integration Management, Agile Coach
June 2013 - Present, Oakland, CA, US
As Director of Integration Management I am responsible for smooth Integration Programs with our new Acquisitions. To date I have worked on a range of acquisitions, from $12M/50 people to $300M/300 people. In addition to managing the integration of new companies with, I also coach new or existing Agile or Scrum teams at our acquired companies.