Markus Hadek DI Hadek GmbH


Certified ScrumMaster

Work experience

ITSV GmbH, Scrum Master
February 2012 - Present, Vienna, Austria
Due to changes in the organisational structure of the project and resource bottlenecks (scrum master was moved to another (more important) project) taking over the role of the SCRUM Master in the EKO/ewEKO Team (experienced SCRUM Team with already 12+ sprints (however also new persons in the team)).

ITSV GmbH, Product Owner
January 2011 - January 2012, Vienna, Austria
Act as the Product Owner for the MAGD SCRUM Team of ITSV GmbH (ITSV is the IT service company of the austrian social security sector and has 300+ IT specialists employed). The MAGD Team consisted of 7 Scrum Developers and was responsible for developing 3 "different" products (as one team, with one product owner) - two of which has been in the maintainance phase and one was a new development.

Hauptverband d. ├Âsterreichischen SV, Scrum Master
April 2009 - December 2010, Vienna, Austria
Introducing agile development and SCRUM as a methodology into the Erstattungskodex Maintainance project (the "Erstattungskodex" is one of the most important central master data administration IT systems (administration of prices, medical information and conditions for use of medical products in the austrian social security system)). Agile development has been a major change for the austrian social security system (government oriented with "old fashioned" detailed job description in the development process, previously using an own flavour of the V-Modell), but the project / phase / environment (several "user" projects refactored, several political "changes") has been ideal and the use of the methodology has been that successfull, that based on the experience in this project a large part of the software development of Hauptverband / ITSV has been moved in the direction of agile development (End of 2011 more than 20 Certified Scrum Masters are employed in ITSV).