Leon Maritz


agile developer, CSM, CSP, Statistics New Zealand

Location: Christchurch New Zealand


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster

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I am a scrum master and agile software developer working in .Net and in business intelligence. I believe in strong, effective and inspired teams. 

Because I believe that agile teams can do amazing things I have been leading others to expand their knowledge through weekly technical training sessions and as scum master in one to one agile coaching. 

I am also the co-organizer and co-treasurer of the Christchurch Agile Professional Network. In this role I have been responsible for arranging speakers, organising meeting and obtaining sponsorship.


Look at www.christchurchscrum.com for more information.


Work experience

Statistics New Zealand, Developer \ Scrum master
November 2009 - Present, Christchurch, New Zealand
Worked on the Census and smaller projects. Using ASP.NET, Silverlight, SQL , C# and Microsoft Analysis server for the BI solutions. Working mostly as a developer but I also stood in as SCRUM master whenever needed. Because of my passion for SCRUM I started our organizations Agile community of practice with the help of teams members and close colleagues. It started in November 2011 and it's now branching out to all three offices. We work in SCRUM teams of 6-8 people in a team with a dedicated SCRUM master for each team. The Role of SCRUM master is changed to a new person every 4 to 7 sprints so that the Role doesn't become someone's permanent role. It also helps all the team members realize the load on the SCRUM master and help everyone become more knowledgeable about SCRUM. For the last few years our sprints have been set at 3 weeks and we have a SCRUM of SCRUM meetings twice week to keep the whole project running a little more as one. We started with 2 teams, then moved to 3 and then 4 over time. During this time I was the SCRUM master the T3 team about 6 times and twice for the Transformers team and finally 3 sprints as a SCRUM master for the Three Amigos team. During the last census build-up I have then been SCRUM master again for the census team for about 6 times after the Christchurch earthquake. Outside of Statistics New Zealand I am also working as a co-organizer of the Agile Professionals Network in Christchurch. We have a meeting every month and currently have over two hundred members.