Kelly Snavely


Master Agile Coach, Capitalone Financial

Location: Richmond, VA


Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Agile Richmond


Kelly Snavely has 25 years experience in the IT industry. Most recently she has served as Development Manager, Project Manager/Lead and Master Agile Coach at Capital One Financials. She was an early leader of bridging the gap between Scrum and PMI and facilitated a workshop at Agile 2008 on this subject.  She has been an agile advocate at Capitalone for over six years and was key in setting up Agile teams in the Enterprise Data Organization enabling delivery of large data base programs iteratively.  She is currently serving as an Agile Coach helping Capital One transform to agile delivery.  She also was a key catalyst in setting up AgileRichmond and served as president for serveral years.