Kevin Callahan


Scrum Master & Agile Coach, LiveWorld

Location: Appleton, Maine


Certified ScrumMaster

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Currently a Scrum Master and Agile Coach with LiveWorld, Kevin collaborates with agile practitioners, works with two development teams, and also occasionally consults internally with other business units interested in becoming more agile. He is a seasoned programmer, guide, servant leader, and former business owner. Kevin is passionate about agile's explicit continuous improvement in both task and relationship behaviors, and strives to model and inspire those he works with to embrace their own highest potential.

Kevin's development experience spans 12 years of designing and developing full-stack web applications in a range of technologies, most recently Ruby on Rails. He has a deep expertise in web user interface implementation.

His business expertise comes from spending 6 years as the principal of a web development providor, where he was responsible for all aspects of the business in addition to being the primary developer.

Prior to his tech career, Kevin spent 6 years working with groups full-time in a variety of outdoor settings including: multi-day wilderness trips, high-ropes challenge courses, rock climbing excursions, and experiential learning activities.

Work experience

LiveWorld, Scrum Master and Agile Coach
December 2011 - Present, San Jose, CA, United States
Certified Scrum Professional. Improved practice of scrum with two distributed development teams through maintaining or implementing improved engineering practices, increased attention to group processes. Consistently worked with product owner, customer-facing project managers, and executive sponsors to align product development, development, and delivery. Realized increased quality through reduced bugs being released to production, increased team member job satisfaction, positive evolution of team cultures, and realization of sustainable pace of development. In addition to team coaching through scrum ceremonies, coached individual team members, product owners, and other key stakeholders. Key Achievements - Oversaw integration of QA engineers as full-time team members into scrum team. - Bridged agile adoption out of the engineering into customer services business units. - Influential in expanding agile implementation; number of scrum teams and dedicated scrum master roles quadrupled.

LiveWorld, Engineering Group Manager/Scrum Master
December 2010 - December 2011, San Jose, CA, United States
Certified Scrum Master. Led a new team to increment a pre-alpha proof-of-concept social networking application into production. Established technical best practices, conventions, and roadmap for implementation of scrum. Bridged the divergent roles of ScrumMaster and Team Lead through clear communication of responsibilities, and ongoing refinement of communication techniques and facilitating group process. Key Achievements: - Transformed a new group into a high-performing team through implementation and facilitation of scrum. - Fostered collaboration between product owner, team, and management to define success criteria and remove impediments. - Radically reduced technical debt by applying practices of technical excellence in a fresh code base.

LiveWorld, User Interface Engineer
September 2006 - December 2010, San Jose, CA, United States
Implemented customized UI of flagship Java/JSP Community Center product for clients including: Verizon, MiniUSA, American Express, eBay, Marriott, and Microsoft. Lead UI engineer on the next generation of Rails-based product. Key Achievements: - Authored, refactored, and documented substantial CSS and JavaScript libraries to rigorous conventions. - Trained and mentored additional team members. - Assisted the strategic development of product roadmaps and resolution of complex UI problems.

CallahanPro, President
June 2000 - June 2008, Appleton, Maine, United States
Responsible for managing all aspects of consultancy: business strategy and development, application development, project management, and customer support. Started in 1999 as a “one man shop,” CallahanPro grew to accommodate projects requiring multiple developers. Solutions included: calendars, security/access control applications, CMS, early social networking tools, shopping carts, and many websites.