Joby Varghese


Sr. Project Manager, Infosys Limited

Location: Pune, India



Certified ScrumMaster


Joby Varghese has extensive experience in waterfall model projects right from developer to project manager and around 3 years of experience work in Agile Framework.

1) Lead mutliple scalability and rengg project for a large healthcare player in the united states.

2) Played role of developer and architect in projects both at offshore and onshore locations.

3) Being a subject matter expert and understanding the working concepts of Scrum from Pete Demer applying was simple.

4) Working on exhange projects for healthcare iniative for a large payer in the United states (Distributed network) from the last 3 years. Have more than 2000+ hrs of working experience in SCRUM.

5) Anchored and parted knowledge to team to embibe knowledge on scrum.

6) Understood and applied concepts which would remove software waste in projects which did not apply

7) One of the first project at Infosys Ltd which practised SCRUM for legacy projects which seemed impossible with the size of the project.

8) Started to consult solutions for various integrations projects for meeting M&A requirements