Jens Otto Lange


Digital Innovation Facilitator, GuentherLange GmbH

Location: Berlin/Hamburg, Germany


Jens Otto Lange supports companies to develop digital service innovations (web portals, web applications, mobile apps) that are centered to the problems and needs of customers and users. 

To unleash innovation, Jens Otto Lange organizes corporate creativity by building and coaching cross-functional teams. He moderates co-creation workshops applying design thinking methodology, does concept work and steers project teams - for medium-sized as well as big enterprises in retail, manufacture and software business.

As a consultant and manager, Jens Otto Lange helps companies to design the internal processes of ideation, project planning and execution as efficient as possible. To reach this goal, the communication expert and industrial designer incorporates stakeholders, departments and externals into cross-functional collaboration, bridging all essential departmental interfaces and project phases.