James Kies


Coach, Trainer, Speaker, James Kies

Location: Florida


I am proven, gifted and effective Agile Adoption Specialist, Coach of Coaches, and all the way around disruptive positive increase in awesome to a person, a team, a culture, or an entire organization. I infuse the best of companies with a new and undeniably effective ability to deliver high quality goods and services. My teaching methods as well as the techniques provide the most agreeable and effective manner that exists with regard to running a life, a team, a culture or a company. I am an Author, a Trainer, a Speaker, and have moved entire companies from failing waterfall to full agile adoptions with quick, affordable, fantastic success. 

I am an expert level Microsoft .NET Developer with a focus on bleeding edge Microsoft stack technologies. Since the late 90’s I have been involved with pre .NET and key releases and language advancement since .NET. I am also an avid Enterprise Javascript Programmer and Lead.

I am passionate about helping developers be more amazing, teams achieve high performing states and entire companies be disrupted to a point of highly measurable increases in their ability to produce high quality goods and services.

I am an entrepreneur, a coach, a leader, a learner.

Work experience

10Geek Software, CoFounder, Agile Scrum Coach, Silverlight 4 Developer, C# Architect, C# Lead
February 2008 - Present, Kansas City, KS, United States
I put Scrum teams together and fit them into remote software development powerhouses!