Jon Jorgensen


Program Manager, Mitchell International

Location: Irvine, CA


Certified ScrumMaster


I earned a BA in the Japanese language, and I'm bilingual.  I spent 17 yrs. of my life working in Japan, starting up call centers, help desks, and implementing enterprise CRM and ecommerce solutions. I learned TQC, Lean, and Kaizen first-hand from the founders of the movement. I see Scrum as a way for continuous improvement to be given center stage among teams.

As a Scrum Master, I found the writings of Jean Tabaka and met David Spann. From these great facilitators, I came to view Lean, agile and facilitation as 3 sides of the same coin: heads, tails, and circumfrence.

I was trained by Jim and Michele McCarthy in the Core Protocols, and I belong to The Booted.

I am an avid student and researcher of Non-Violent Communication and Liberating Structures.

As a devotee of Lyssa Adkins, Michael Spayd, and Diana Larsen, I've built core competancies in Co-Active Coaching and facilitation of Open Space and Lean Coffee.

Most recently in the U.S., I've built many scrum teams and coached several dozen teams in kicking off their journey along the Scrum and XP path.

I sit on the SoCal AgileOpen 2014 Planning Committee and co-facilitate the Agile Coffee Meetup group and podcast.

A 9 minute interview I had on this topic is available here.

My closing comments in a 1.5 minute clip showcasing SoCal AgileOpen is here.

I've used the The Pomodoro Technique(TM), Theory of Constraints, Systems Thinking, and GQM to help teams improve.  I'm interested in gamification of scrum practices, the Cynefin Framework and Maneuver Conflict Theory.