Juan Gabardini


Location: Buenos Aires Argentina


Registered Education Provider
Certified ScrumMaster

My Courses

Certified ScrumDeveloper Track
25-29 August, 2014
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Certified ScrumDeveloper Track
10-14 November, 2014
Location: Buenos Aires, No Discount, Argentina

Certified ScrumDeveloper Track
24-28 November, 2014
Location: Rome, Italy

Groups I belong to

Agiles Argentina


Juan Alberto Gabardini has more than 15 years of experience in IT management, IT product development, teaching and consulting in financial services, retail, telecommunications, medical equipment and manufacturing sectors. He has been involved in Juan has the following certifications:
  • ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor (BVQI)
  • PMP – Project Management Professional (PMI)
  • MCP – Managing, Organizing, and Delivering IT Projects by Using the Microsoft Solutions Framework 3.0.
  • MCP – Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Juan holds degrees in System Analysis and Electronic Engineering from the Buenos Aires University, where he has also been teaching Project Management, Database and Operational Research since 1995 (www.fi.uba.ar/materias/7546).

Organizations I Train Through

Approved Courses


  • Introduction to Scrum (Intro)
  • Scrum Estimating & Planning (Elective)
  • Agile Database Development (Elective)
  • Agile Software Development (Technical)
  • Introducción a Scrum (Intro)
  • Estimación y Planificación con Scrum (Elective)
  • Desarrollo Ágil de Bases de Datos (Elective)
  • Desarrollo Ágil de Software en Scrum (Technical)
  • Introdução à Scrum (Intro)
  • Estimativa e Planejamento com Scrum (Elective)
  • Desenvolvimento Ágil de Software em Scrum (Technical)
  • Desenvolvimento Ágil de Bases de Dados (Elective)
  • Semana Certified ScrumDeveloper (CSD) (Intro, Elective, Technical)
  • Certified Scrum Developer for CSMs and CSPOs (Technical)
  • Introdução à Scrum, Estimativa e Planejamento com Scrum (Elective, Intro)
  • Introducción a Scrum, Estimación y Planificación con Scrum (Elective, Intro)
  • Certified Scrum Developer Full Track (Elective, Technical, Intro)

Extended Education

  • CST Extended Education Course


  • Certified ScrumMaster


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner