Jessica DAmico



Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified ScrumMaster


Jessica D'Amico is a trilingual (Italian, Spanish, French) professional with 11+ years of experience as an online content manager, editor, and project manager at a non-profit professional association. Work experience managing individuals for whom English is a second language; on publishing production projects for e-book or print projects; and extensive writing and editing for a variety of channels.

Work experience

Four Tongues Communications, Owner and Freelance editor, writer, and translator
December 2008 - Present, Aurora, IL, United States
Provides freelance services: translation, editing, and writing. Examples: articles and online research for Glancer Magazine; Italian to English translations for Omni Intercommunications, Inc.; resume and report proofreading for students and colleagues.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Research Project Coordinator
March 2001 - Present, Lombard, IL, United States
· Time tested and continuously advancing executive decision, problem-solving, and decision-making acumen. Examples: starting three periodicals from the ground up; moving a biannual journal from in-house production to an international publisher on a quarterly basis. · 11+ years experience in researching, writing, and editing for print and online publishing projects. · Multitasks under tight deadlines within budget while managing a complex research project portfolio. · Out-of-the-box thinker for integrated communications and project management. Examples: integrated and employed social media into the communications channel mix for the ongoing promotion of products and services. · Develops project guidelines, style sheets, agreements, and contracts for research teams and authors. Examples: reviews, edits, and proofreads three sister periodicals to ensure content meets guidelines and style specifications. · Optimizes online channel marketing reach. Examples: membership opinion poll/surveys, e-blasts announcing calls for submissions and events, manages committee online collaboration tools, website content development and updates, social media channel management, e-bulletins content, updates splash/landing pages, promotional blurbs and executive summaries, etc. · Streamlines 1/3 of the educational program administration for annual conference of 4,000+ global attendees, while coordinating procedures for ~200 speakers and track chairs. · Communicates across hierarchical levels to an array of domestic or global stakeholders (authors, writers, reviewers, research teams, committee members) to ensure quality content for publications and the conference program. · Coordinates $200,000+ budget research publication projects on an annual basis. · Reports quarterly to board of directors on research initiatives and progress on behalf of the research committee. · Works with media contacts through collaborative initiatives, public relations, and conference activities. Examples: press invitation and promotion of annual report press conference in Washington DC; wrote scripts for weekly product and event promotion for video news segments.

Tamini USA LLC, Assistant Project Coordinator
October 2000 - March 2001, Oak Brook, IL, United States
· Edited business communications and messages for accuracy and optimized targeting · Creative thinking and design skills in incorporating company logos and data into PowerPoint presentations, flyers, and posters. Developed guidelines for company logo use in promotional items · Created press release layout and copy in order to promote new American branch of foreign company.