José Manuel Cortés Ríos


Business Operations Manager, Nextel

Location: Mexico, D.F.


Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Agile México


Currently I am interested in collaborating in a company or institution that has challenges in projects that require executive-level experience in the areas of internet, information technology, telecommunications and mobile data networks.

I have experience in channel management, authorized representatives and commercial areas, customer service, project management, educational and training services, as well as product development and implementation of business processes. Within my leadership responsibilities, I always had under my charge the supervision of multidisciplinary teams.

My approach in the implementation of various services of CRMs (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Daylite, Studiometry), eCommerce (Magento, Tecnofin), Web Development and Web Services is quite extensive.

Responsible for implementing several projects with eLearning platforms such as SABA, Blackboard and Moodle, among which stand out the online education system of CENTEC (Red One-Uninet-Telmex), the MUSE system (Virtual Museum of the Americas) for OAS, and the distance education system to train the Authorized Representatives of Telmex mass market.

I have also developed several units engaged in the construction of academic content under AICC and SCORM standards, in a constructivist environment with technologies such as Trivantis, Centra Rapidintake and Adobe.

As director of CENTEC (Cisco Systems, SUN, Microsoft, Polycom, PictureTel, FORE Certified Training Center) was responsible for planning, control and compliance of the revenue and expense budgets submitted annually.

As Business Operations Manager at Nextel, I was responsible for all national team that integrates PTT-Trunking services, alternate channels and sales representatives as well as compliance of designated projects and fees. I was also responsible for the implementation of the training services of our channels and the e-Commerce system of Radytec by Nextel (

As Amorfhia Business Innovation Director, I am responsible for the development of new online technology services to offer to the market in the areas of e-business, e-learning, e-commerce, social media enterprise network services, various deployment platforms for webservices and webapps for companies that require the application of these technologies in their internet business models.

I currently have several recent training business and technology courses, certification in Agile-SCRUM, PMP Diploma completed and a MBA with Marketing especialization.

As one of the founding members of Consorcio Red Uno and as we reflect over 20 years of professional experience in the market of telecommunications, networks and systems; I have extensive knowledge in telecommunications, voice, data and video networks, wireless, Internet technologies, eBusiness (B2C/B2B/B2G), eLearning (LMS, KMS, SLMS, Course Builders, Learning SAAS), CMS, WebSites and WebApps development services, mobile apps technologies and Business Social Media Networks.

I remain at your disposal for any consultation.


José Manuel Cortés Ríos