Jennifer Borek


Scrum Master, MDI Group

Location: Greenville, SC


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Jennifer Borek: After 10 years on the business side, started IT career in 2000 in data warehousing as a front end developer. Since 2003, I have been in progressive roles as project leader and manager for the network team then portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific region on infrastructure / data center projects, and a Scrum Master for 18 months on a business intelligence component of a large project. Most recently, I have become a contracted Scrum Master on custom industrial application for the tire retreading process. Shortly after my initial PMP training, I also received training in Agile Scrum and continuously worked to adapt the principles of Scrum on infrastructure projects that still required elements of waterfall methodology (dependencies and working on multiple projects at the same time due to logistics involved in infrastructure project). I use principles such as team accountability, using post-its for initial planning, using only necessary documentation instead of rigorous overdocumentation, then implemented Scrum during actual implementations of Hong Kong Data Center and Shanghai Data Center expansion.


  • Obtained PMP certification in November 2004
  • Obtained CSM certification February 2008

For more detail about my work history, please see my LinkedIn profile: