Jean Pierre Berchez


General Manager, HLSC

Location: Stuttgart (Germany)


Since March 2008 Jean Pierre Berchez is General Manager at HLSC. In this role he is responsible for the Sales- and Business Development Training and Conferences regarding Scrum. He owns over 20 years experience in the IT Business and worked for Companies like Enfin, Easel, VMARK, CINCOM Systems, Tiscon, TogetherSoft and Intland.

In 1993 he worked together with Jeff Sutherland for Easel (in the German Sub) developing the SmallTalk Modelling Tool called Synchronicity (later Object Studio). In this time Jeff build his first Scrum Team.
He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Konstanz University.

Furthermore Jean Pierre Berchez is lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart and Heidenheim as well as at the University in Liechtenstein

Jean Pierre is responsible for the German Scrum Community Conference