Ines Stuppacher


Senior Application Developer, RTT AG

Location: Munich


Certified ScrumMaster

Work experience

RTT AG, Senior Application Developer
April 2010 - Present, Munich, Germany
Assistant team lead, CSM analysis and improvement of workflows, technical project lead for internal tools development and conception of tools (standalone and Plug-Ins for RTT DeltaGen with RTT SDK, C/C++, C#)

Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, External Lecturer
December 2009 - Present, Hagenberg, Austria
Holding a class about Real-Time Shader Development (with CgFX). Topics: Vertexshader, Fragmentshader, Geometryshader, Lighting, BumpMapping, BRDFs, Reflections, Refractions, Parallax Mapping, Render to Texture, Effects, Materials Basic and Advanced topics

RTT AG, Researcher
February 2007 - March 2010, Munich, Germany
Research in state of the art virtual materials CgFX Shader programming in cooperation with customers (realtime shader programming, geometry shaders) Support of (providing examples and helping users with questions) Programming of tools