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Ionel Munoz is a senior software developer specialized in implementing agile software engineering practices. He started developing professionally in 1992. He has touched technologies as diverse as Delphi, C++, COM (for which he wrote two chapters in the Borland C++Builder 5.0 Development Guide) and .NET. His experience goes from real-time data acquisition systems to data-intensive OLTP and OLAP applications.

Early adopter of RUP in 1999, Ionel soon saw the value of configuring RUP to lighten down the software development process, thus applying XP techniques into RUP iterations. He got used to pair programming, unit tests, continuous integration, peer code reviews and stand-up daily meetings. He signed the Manifesto for Agile Software Development back in January 2003.

Having played the roles of technical leader and architect several times all along his career, Ionel recently got his Scrum Master Certification. His now deeper understanding of this methodology adds a new dimension to his already field-proven experience in areas such as coding, OO design principles and patterns, the UML notation, OOA and iterative development.

Ionel's main interest has always been quickly delivering value to the customer while maintaining a high level of quality. He likes working in a cooperative, team-oriented environment. The three values he finds to be the core of a good developer are: being smart, being "cool" and getting things done.

He is currently leading a small software development team at "La Caisse de Depot du Québec" under a Scrum-configured environment, also using the latest Microsoft development tools for the .NET platform.