Huet Landry


Sr. IT Consultant, Enterprise Information Services, Inc.

Location: Virginia


Certified ScrumMaster


Huet Landry says: I'm a “pure-bleed” Cajun, originally from the heart of Cajun Country (where I-10 is North.)  I have spent over 30 years in software design and development of large scale DOD, Federal, and commercial systems.  Got my USAF Certified Master Instructor ("Push to Talk" button) teaching Information Systems Analysis and Design a number of years back, and I have trained DOD and commercial customers in both structured and object-oriented methodologies.  For the past nine years, I've been a Requirements Analyst and Software Process Improvement Mentor for several Integrated Project Teams within the Department of Homeland Security.  Currently working on rolling out Scrum and Agile processes, using “guerrilla process improvement” at the project and team level.