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Grégory FONTAINE rated the article, "What Do I Do if the Big Boss Doesn't Like Scrum?"


Grégory Fontaine. I'm 29, I grew up in various locations in France and now live in Paris. I'm married and am a young father of 1 (God, he's so cute!!). I have basically 2 hobbies: learning languages and practicing Mixed Martial Arts.

I hold a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Business Intelligence. I've worked in the Software Development industry for various companies and markets for 7 years. I've always felt Agile development in general was just "right" and common sense, but I became a hardcore Scrum supporter after seeing Scrum work where other approaches had failed.

I can't help myself but try and convince everyone around me that Scrum is the answer and to jump on board!

I currently work as a "QA Manager" at a Software Development company, where everyone's using Scrum. My role is to enforce Agile development practices and Scrum in all teams, in particular on - but not limited to - the quality aspects.

Articles I've written

What Do I Do if the Big Boss Doesn't Like Scrum?
Let's face it, it's much harder to implement Scrum without the support of senior management. If they are not just skeptical but even reluctant, then, yes, you're going to struggle. This being said, I would like to share the following pieces of advice with you. . . .

Grumpy, Descartes, Mr. Bighead, and Mr. Blasé
Lately I've been wondering: Is there a typical profile for those people who have a hard time transitioning to Agile? Are they always the same from one organization to another? Is there a magic formula to spot them right away?