Giuseppe Cacciaguerra



Certified ScrumMaster


Giuseppe Cacciaguerra

 My name is Giuseppe, even if all friends call me CACCIA and after 41 years I can say that this is my real name.

In 1996, I attended Engineering University at Politecnico of Milano. Starting from my passion for all the new media services delivered by different devices I started my real work experience in 2000 as Project manager Web in Omnitel after a couple of years as software developer in Zucchetti SpA and 15th month in Italian Army as Tenant role.

In Omnitel (now Vodafone Italia) I had the opportunity to manage different Start-up (platform and products) and teams focus on delivery multimedia products based on content for Italy consumer customer and Vodafone global markets. Strategy, creativity, development and promotion the base line followed. Due to my experience in June 2006 I managed, as member of a task force of 6 people, the "Vodafone SKY TV" start-up (a new strategic product for Vodafone Italia), with the role of Senior Project Manager Mobile TV.

Previously I had the opportunity to be part of the Vodafone Centre of Excellence (based only on services for Entrainment) at Vodafone Marketing Group, as Head of Senior Trials Project Manager. Provides project management leadership and direction for the Centre of Excellence staff and acts as lead person of the Trial Project Management Pillar was my personal role.

Today I’m a manager in Direzione Prodotti e Tecnologie Multimediali-Interactive Media, a team part of RTI Mediaset focus on design, develop and manage multimedia platform and service. All services are based  on content offered by the main Mediaset free TV channels on different platforms (Web, Mobile, Web/MobileTV, DTT).

I’m head of 2 different teams, project manager and technical project manager, and my role is focus on define product requirements, provide project management and define/update workflow to guarantee the roadmap of consumer/corporate web/mobile services. I coordinate technical team in order to manage and design Web/Mobile technical platform solution according with a defined budget allocated and I constantly improve the process and work flow that we need to change for all the internal/external teams.

In the last 2 years I’ve be also directly involved as senior project manager to coordinate the delivery of  3 main mobile applications cross devices (smart phone and tablet) and cross mobile OS (ioS, Android, Wp7, Simbian, BlackBarry, Samsung SMART TV) tgcom24(breaking news and live TVchannel), Sportmediaset (sport events focus on football and motors) and Videomediaset (video live content and video on demand).

All are mobile apps free and based on advertising (display and video pre roll ADV).

From the beginning of this year, I’m working to delivery a new Video and Web Server farm that will guarantee us a business continuity solution and to design a mobile technical platform able to manage and customize mobile device detection and content delivery. All our products are based on content generated from the free TV channels  so we need to create different content profile starting from a specific source TV channel streaming live. The new platform will be able to delivery free content web/mobile channels live TV and on demand. The new platform will also cuts the cost of production and sharing video that is one of my constant target. I’m also be part of the team that ‘s realizing an internal social media platform (social platform integration, 2nd screen concept, multi-channels delivery).

Be part of a team, assume a role of leadership in the operational implementation of more complex and critical technical incubation projects and carrying out critical project reviews of other piloting projects, strong technical/product marketing and project management background are my personal capability. I’ve recently reach the SCRUM MASTER certification and I’ve planned an internal Agile Software Development process experience as new start up vision.

I’m a video operator skydiver, and I always try to mix the last video updated technologies and my passion as skydiver to produce my skydive video. I’m improving my free fall style jumping in a duo-team as much as I can. I’m also a Thai-boxer, runner ,snowboarder and when I can I spend time to surf.