Frank-Michael Schlesinger


Senior ScrumMaster, Immobilien Scout GmbH

Location: Berlin


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Frank Schlesinger

In July 2006 started working as a Java Developer at a 150 people company called tolina GmbH ( in Berlin, Germany.

In 2008 tolina introduced Scrum, but the company failed to implement the roles of ScrumMasters and Product Owners and relied on the hierarchical team and department leads.

We had some serious quality issues back then and started to teach Agile coding practices like TDD, spoke about software craftsmanship and became known as an internal consultant on quality topics at tolina.

In Mai 2009 I got the chance to become a team lead for a new product I took it and started to drive this team forward in implementing Scrum. Though being a team lead I soon started to play the role of the ScrumMaster for that team most of the time and kept that for the next three years.

After three more years I quit at tolina and went on to become a fulltime Senior ScrumMaster at Immobilien Scout in Berlin in January 2012. Immobilien Scout is well known in Germany for being a web company that really implemented Scrum and employs people with an Agile mindset. This 600 people company is the number one web portal in Germany for searching and offering real estates. 

At Immobilien Scout I am the ScrumMaster of two cross functional development teams , which are working on the same product, our Austrian portal

Together with a dozen of ScrumMaster colleges of other teams, I am playing the change agent role, to make visible bigger impediments, challenge the status quo and drive everyone to more lean and Agile ways of working together inside the IT. As a ScrumMaster team we gave us the following vision:

“We establish a learning company, in which happy teams deliver business value often and in high quality.”


Work experience

tolina GmbH, Team Lead, ScrumMaster
May 2009 - Present, Berlin, -- Bitte auswählen (nur für USA / Kan. / Aus.), Germany
Officially I was a team lead, but I used my position to act in tho role of a ScrumMaster to foster self organization in my team.

tolina GmbH, Developer
July 2006 - Present, Berlin, -- Bitte auswählen (nur für USA / Kan. / Aus.), Germany
I was a Java software developer working on applications for German banks and Sparkassen.

Immobilien Scout GmbH, ScrumMaster
January 2012 - Present, Berlin, Germany
I am now the ScrumMaster of two cross functional development teams working together on our Austrian portal