Fredrik Carleson


ICT Dev Team Lead, UNOPS


Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Agile Alliance Thailand



Fredrik Carleson (CSM, CSP, 15 years professional experience in software development) has worked with no project method, shoot from the hip approach, waterfall and RUP in earlier lifes. Early 2008 Fredrik started using the SCRUM framework with great success. Being pragmatic, Fredrik still believes that the SCRUM framework is the best tool so far for software development.

Fredrik has a non-traditional background in the computer industry having studied a mix of theoretical philosophy, media and communication science and informatics during his six years at Lunds and Amsterdams University.

Right now I am working with distrubuted teams with five hours time differences where half the team sits on location 1 and the other half in location 2. Challenging, but the approach also has advantages. Fredriks main interest lies in the soft parts of management and implementation of Scrum.