Emile van den Ende


owner, EVDE

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Certified Scrum Product Owner


Emile van den Ende

As a tech enthusiast, I have always been up close and personal with the latest developments regarding gadgets, internet and just about everything which is cool :)
My (former) job as a technical project manager became a lot more interesting and easier to do, when I was introduced to Scrum. It's flexible (for both client and deliverer), transparent and most of all very fun to run projects using Scrum. All the team members I worked with were very happy with the Scrum approach. Business owners loved the visibility of work being done (almost physical delivery). Lots of situations happened in my career that required to make major changes in the vision and/or mission of the project, Scrum gave me the tools to say "yes, we can" to the Business owner. And the coolest part...? We had working software, not a useless fully completed database model.

Project management is all about getting and giving overview and being on top of things. Scrum enables you to do this (especially as a Product owner) in a very efficient, transparent and flexible way.

Now, running my own business delivering a full service, I need Scrum. For the efficiency of my own process but even more to be able to say YES to changes in a project with a smile!

Work experience

EVDE, Owner/ Scrum Master/ Scrum Product Owner
October 2012 - Present, Amsterdam, Netherlands
EVDE - new media projects. We build apps, websites, complex back-ends, virtual- and augmented reality, on a great number of platforms. The projects we run (unless specifically desired otherwise) are ran using Scrum.

The Widget Company, Scrum Product Owner + Scrum Master
May 2011 - September 2012, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Managing big projects for connected TV applications, mobile applications and Facebook campaigns.

Spil Games, Scrum Product Owner
January 2010 - April 2011, Hilversum, Netherlands
At Spil Games, I have been acting as a Product Owner for 3 separate development teams with 4 to 5 members each, working on web development of high traffic website.

Spil Games, Project Manager
January 2009 - January 2010, Hilversum, Netherlands


Effectory, IT Project Manager
March 2004 - September 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands