Erik Karkheck


Universal Health Care, Inc


Certified ScrumMaster

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My name is Erik Karkheck and I am a Certified ScrumMaster living in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Stem Cell Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis

Work experience

Universal Health Care, Inc, Application Development Supervisor
July 2010 - May 2013, , Florida, US
Team Leadership and Management ● Prepared and delivered metrics and participated in regular status meetings with Senior IT and C-Level Executive Leadership on project/ team status and attended weekly IT management Meetings to assist in current state steering and future state strategic planning. ● Worked cohesively with offshore development teams and outsource partners on multiple enterprise level development projects. Ensuring effective communication of business and functional requirements. Seeing joint development teams through cooperative concept, development, testing and defect remediation efforts and into final deployment. ● Prepared and conducted quarterly performance reviews for members of the development team. Meeting individually with the developers to discuss strengths and opportunities. Held regular "one-on-ones" and team meetings with software developers to discuss projects, departmental and organizational news while promoting an open line of communication. ● Held continuous conceptual design and brainstorming meetings with development team. Discussing potential design strategy, patterns, overcoming roadblocks while promoting cross communication. ● Assisted with IT incident management, request fulfillment (using ManageEngine ServiceDesk and BMC Remedyforce (Salesforce) cloud solution), and root cause analysis. ● Facilitated auditors from multiple firms including CMS, Ernst & Young, Texas State, and Internal IT Security. Throughout its existence, with several public facing web applications the Application Development dept. was never directly responsible for the generation of a CTM and consistently received CMS approval upon first submission of public web related content. ● Successfully managed project resource constraints by identifying developer strengths and allocating resources effectively, focusing on value and business need while monitoring for potential scope creep. ● Delivered yearly CAPEX vs. OPEX reporting metrics as it relates to IT software development projects and applications. ● Conducted all developer candidate phone and in person interviews for Application Development. Assisted in on-boarding process and system/process/workflow training and mentoring for new-hire developer associates and represented IT and Application Development at multiple Job Fairs. Interviewing IT candidates with skill-sets ranging from IT Infrastructure/Operations to software engineering. Development Project Management and Delivery ● Consistently delivered mission critical custom developed software applications and systems within tight deadlines, resource, and budgetary constraints in a fast paced highly transformational (CMMI-1) corporate environment. ● Projected development project timeline estimation using historical data coupled with wide-band Delphi methodology (Planning Poker). ● Wrote and assisted others in writing business requirements and technical documentation, general software, environment diagrams, and workflows as well as technology and software product presentations. ● Coordinated end to end vendor product selection efforts from initial discovery interviews and assessment, technological feasibility, cost negotiation, to final selection and implementation. ● Promoted Agile/Scrum/XP development methodologies within development team by holding general discussion, presentation, and training sessions. Examples including software prototyping, continuous stakeholder feedback loop/product demonstration, pair programming, developer stand up/update meetings, etc. ● Worked closely with project management staff and technology consultants to assist in the forward progress of several enterprise level software projects. Helping to identify potential gaps, risk, impact, and resource constraints, and provide progress updates and general advisement from an IT/software development perspective. ● Forged many positive relationships with mid and senior level business stakeholders over the course of several custom development and vendor product software projects. Successfully comprehending and translating medium and high level business needs to the development team in a logical low level manner. ● Participated in general release management, system implementation planning and deployment activities. Process Improvement ● Successfully implemented and assisted in the individual training of SVN and Git Version Control Systems, general source code repository maintenance, and common branch/merge methodology. ● Enhanced issue/ task tracking, reporting, and defect remediation capabilities by implementing and managing Atlassian Jira and appropriate workflow. ● Steered development methodology to a “Test Driven” focus using side by side positive and negative unit testing and Jenkins (formerly Hudson) continuous build/integration and source code governance. ● Designed, implemented, and assisted in the maintenance of multiple server application environments to assist developers with appropriate source code promotion workflow. (E.g. Development->Test->Training/UAT->Production).