Erik Giraldo


Team Leader

Location: Bogota, Colombia


Certified Scrum Developer


Hi there! I'm Erik Giraldo from Colombia. Well, I started to use a computer when I was like 13 years old, I was good at word, mostly, but I was so bad in paint that the teacher told me to repeat a drawing! In paint!... I finished my high school when I was 15 years old and started my University when I was 16 years old, basically I wanted to do something releated to Computers, so I decided to start with Systems and Telecomunications Engineer.

Before finishing University I got MCP certification for Developing with C# and after finishing it I got my ITIL V3 Certification. I have to clear up that most of my expirence is in Java. In the last 6th months of University, wile I was doing my thesis, I started to work in I+D for a Telecommunications Company (A little one) with the VoIP (Asterisk) integration with Information Systems. After I finish with the job I started to work with a Software Company that had a Health Application for Hospitals. After that I started to Work as a Freelancer with a USA company doing RoR programming.

After being at home for a while I wanted to be in an office, so got a job for a Spain company which had its software house in my city, started to work there programming and I+D (Integration) for the current portal environment that they use and some documental applications. Once I finish there, I went to Bogota where I'm right now and started to work for a Telecommunications Company, started as a Developer and now I'm the team leader. Initally I was the only peron in the area but after a couple of months we started to look up for some people to help us with the projects, I was the technical evaluator for the new people. It was a great callenge to start this process and being the leader, but it has made me learn a lot and grew up as person.

In my personal life, well I live with the woman I love, have a great dog, his name is Toffee, he loves to bite everything but well, it's my dog. I like to go out and share with my family, eat outside, do different things and learn a lot from every single moment in my life.

I personally think that we have to learn when to accept we made a mistake, or when we did things good, or when a person did things good or made a mistake (not looking who, but the what and how to guarantee it won't happen again), also be grateful with the people that help us. Based on that, I want to thank my Mom for everything she have had gave me, What I am is thanks to her.

Work experience

Telmex Datacenter, Team Leader
February 2011 - Present, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
I'm in charge of leading the solutions for in-house requirements for supporting the operation of Telmex Datacenter, my principal functions are: Architecture proposal and implementation, keep an eye on the projects, technical leader (Solve technical problems of the team).