Elaine Furlong


Project Manager, Staples Inc

Location: Broomfield, CO


Certified ScrumMaster


Elaine Furlong has been with Staples Inc for over 10 years.  She is skilled in testing User Interface screens and the transactions that happen behind the screens.  She is familiar with database changes and following through the client, server code and to the next application.  She has over 22 years of testing experience and knowledge.  She has the ability to monitor and use database tools such as Toad, Access and SQL.  She also uses Unix in her everyday tasks to research errors and failures that happen in the code.  She is most familiar with ERP type systems.  She is now focused mostly on the Finance part of Staples Inc systems.  She has worked with the transactions and the warehouse system.  She has also worked with a company that deals with the stock world.  Verifying feeds in to the company from an International stock exchange storage facility.  She likes what she does.  She has a chance to work with multi levels of staff at Staples and works as a Liason at times between business parts of the company and development.  She also was able to represent Corporate Express with an outsourcing company in India, representing meaning going to India, visiting the facilities and working with the staff to transfer knowledge about what we do at CE.

Work experience

Staples Inc, Project Manager
September 2001 - Present, Broomfield, CO, United States
Staples is a major Office Supply company. Elaine has worked as a Quality Analyst, Business Analyst and now as a Project Manager for Staples. She has managed projects that integrated the merge of Corporate Express with Staples Inc. She is now managing projects for new systems and upgrades of existing systems. She uses Agile as the methodology to run her projects.