Emanuele Di Saverio


Senior Design Technologist, frog

Location: Milan, Italy


Emanuele Di Saverio's Bio


Born in 1982, I had my first computer as a gift when I was 11; passion first for programming, the for computer science has driven me through years, through college and a number of side-projects.

Since 2006, I studied with growing interest Agile Methodologies, starting with XP and then onto Scrum and Kanban, trying to reach a state of grace and productivity in software development.


From Principles and Theories all way down onto  interpersonal relations, motivation and leadership, ending in code design and development,

in order to work and ultimately live more effectively.


You're welcome to see my profile at http://it.linkedin.com/in/emanueledisaverio !

Work experience

frog, Senior Design Technologist
April 2011 - Present, Milan, Italy

Focus on Mobile and Agile Methodologies - SCRUM, Lean, Facilitation, Systems Thinking. Working in mHealthcare and Automotive sectors; facilitation of heterogeneous teams with focus on digital product design and development. Advocate and Trainer on Agile Methodologies for the whole Milan Office (~45 emps)

Beeweeb S.p.a., Agile Coach
March 2010 - March 2012, Rome, Italy

Led the company's first steps into SCRUM adoption, laying out processes and practices for transition from traditional to agile methodologies. Worked in the area of mobile applications development and as an advisor for Agile adoption, implementation and tuning in the company. Introduced infrastructures and services for Process and Test Automation, Code Quality and Project Managemement.

Beeweeb S.p.a., Senior Mobile Developer
October 2008 - March 2011, Rome, Italy

Built cutting-edge, award-winning Mobile TV products for leading operators in international markets. Developed Mobile Payment solution, integrated with Bluetooth perhiperals, that served hundreds of thousand of transaction per year.

Opentech ENG, JEE/JME Developer
June 2007 - June 2008, Rome, Italy
Worked in the area of mobile applications, either written directly for the mobile device in JME technology or web application geared towards mobile interactions in JEE technology, in the role of Team Leader and Pre-Sales. Developed Mobile Banking, Mobile TV applications and built Mobile-Web 2.0 integration services. Developed tools and processes for Handset Acceptance Testing, and provided consultancy for specific Handset applications test. Introduced Quality Assurance and Agile Development practices in a start-up environment.

MBDA Missile Systems, Researcher
July 2006 - April 2007, Rome, Italy
I held this position in an internship program in the Applied Research and Technology department of the greatest worldwide airborne defense company. I research the field of Real Time Middleware for Command and Control applications in GNU/Linux environment, and worked in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The work resulted in an article submitted to conference "EuroPVM/MPI 2007" with the title "Distributed Real Time Computing with Harness".