Dov Tsal Sela


Scrum Master, Open Trust

Location: Buc, France

+33 6 28 34 12 99


Certified ScrumMaster

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During more than 20 twenty years in the software business, my experience always includes

- Hands-on development of different nature (real-time systems, PDA applications, web application, etc.)

- Team and Project management (including SCRUM in the last five years)

- User-orienter usability and argonomy expertise

2012 - GE healthcare, Buc, France: A scrum-master of a new SAAS product, a team of 5 developers.

Product context: Heath-care domain. Technical context: SAAS, .net, Silverlight.

Role highlights include team animation & project orchestration, and propegating agility.

2011 - 2012 Omnikles\Oodrive, Paris, France: A scrum-master and a team lead of a J2EE SAAS product, a team of 4 developers.

Product context: French Public-bidding. Technical context: SAAS, Java.

Role challenges include: 

- Taking over the Omnikles project (a suit of six different products) and development team, right after its purchase by Oodrive.

- Coaching and putting in place SCRUM as a development methodology, both at the development level and the Product owner one.

- Putting in place processes, formal development tools and defining a standard development environment (JIRA, SVN, code-review, coding standards, etc.)

- Development: fixing critical bugs, standardising infrastructure, large scale refactoring, etc.

2009 - 2011 Systran, Paris, France: A scrum master and a senior developer. 

Product context: Automatic Human language translation. Technical context: SAAS, Java.

Role challenges include: 

- Propogating the SCRUM methodology as a development process (a team of five developers), overcoming the absence of a clear product owner and coordination with a remote development team (based in the U.S.)

- Defining a scalable architecture for a performance-critical product.

- Delivering major releases of three different products.

2002 - 2008 BMC Software Israel + France: Project manager, Senior developer.

Product context:Identity management. Technical context: Oracle Workflow, Oracle, C++, Jave

Role highlights:

- Israel: Managing three projects in parallel, a team of five developers, based Israel, UK, anf US.

- Relocation to France: Senior developer under SCRUM context in Calendra, a company bought by BMC Israel.

- Integration of the two products : specification, design and development.

2001 MobiMate, Israel: Development team lead

Product context: innovative application for various PDAs (Palm-pilot, Win CE, J2ME)

Role highlights:

- Design and development of products and infrastructure (PalmOS and J2ME), Management of a dev. Team (5 developers)

- External consulting services regarding PDA product design and development.

1994-2000 NESS Technologies, Israel: Development team lead

Product context: Military and civilian Air-situation-picture generation, Technical context: X-windows, C++, UNIX. 

Role highlights:

- Responsible for the development of mission-critical systems, and an argonomic simulation environment 

1987-1994 Israel Defense Army – software division:
Last role: Head of a development section of a decentralized operational messaging system (managing a team of 10 developers)

Academic diplome: 1986 B.Sc - Mathematics & comp.sci., Tel Aviv University, Israel

Hobbies: Drawing and guitar (checkout

Work experience

Oodrive, Project manager/ Team lead
September 2011 - May 2012, Paris, France
-Take over the development of Omnikles –. Following the purchase of Omnikles by Oodrive. -Putting in place formal development procedures (JIRA for the communication with the support and product management teams, code reviews and unit tests), standadisation of projects to use same infrastructure – (SVN, extJs, etc.) -Managing the development team (5 developers) – Recruitment, evaluation, planning. -Tech-lead Java/ J2EE (SPRING MVC, object-oriented development, design patterns, refactoring, unit testing), and solving critical bugs. -Putting in place SCRUM, training the development and product teams and serving as a scrum-master.

Systran SA, Applications Develepment team lead, Project Manager, Scrum master, Senior Developer
August 2009 - August 2011, Paris, France, France
Project manager, Team lead, Senior developer, role includes : - Putting in place SCRUM as a scrum master – short development iterations, daily standup meetings, and project management leading to fast delivery. - Project planning and team management (5 developers), a large scale high performance web product. With a .NET client - Putting in place an architecture of an extensible environment for distributed translation.. - Introduction and integration of new utilities and concepts: Spring (IOC, MVC, security), ActiveMQ, Maven, design patterns. - Putting in place development norms such as code review, refactoring and reusability.

BMC Software, Senior developer
August 2005 - December 2008, Aix en Provence, Paris, France
Senior Developer BMC France Development of intricate Server and GUI (SWING and JSF) under the J2EE framework: Server side: Workflow engine, schema management (EJB+Spring, Webservices, services RMI), Client side: Web development (JSF, JSP), two rich clients (SWING). Taking over a large scale production system, including major version development, customer support cases, and on-site crisis handling. Development done under the SCRUM framework, in coordination with BMC Israel as a remote SCRUM team.