Drew Mills


Vice-President of Technology, ALTOUR International

Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana


Certified ScrumMaster


Drew Mills

As a leader utilizing Scrum my mission is:

Building developers, IT support, & stakeholders into a trusted and committed network of partners with a common purpose.

This is the focus of my career. 

Since 1984 I've worked as a developer, an architect, a team lead, a manager, and now Vice-President of Technology.  Although I've tried several practices and processes to improve development, Scrum has made the biggest difference so far.  The honesty, the transparent communication, the easily understood roles, the encouragement to inspect & adapt, all these things come together to free up developers and stakeholders both to be their best in the development process.

I've been working with Scrum since the mid-2000's.  I got my CSM in 2012 and am looking forward to a CSP and a CSC in 2013.

Please feel free to contact me with interesting subjects or if you have questions with which I can help.

- Drew

Work experience

ALTOUR International, Vice-President of Technology
December 2012 - Present, Jeffersonville, IN, United States
ALTOUR is a global leader in travel arrangements for corporations, sports fans, and celebrities. As VP of Technology I am tasked with bringing together the work of many disparate areas of the business so that technology differences are smoothed over and work is accomplished more easily. This includes both development and infrastructure.