Daniel Aragão


Location: Worldwide

Brazil: +55 82585042 | Norway: +47 45453376


Daniel has worked in Agile projects using the Scrum framework, XP and Crystal. He was worked with Scrum in every role, as team, as Scrum Master and as Product Owner. Has used Scrum in some different kinds of business as software development in information technology and also in music production in music industry.

Daniel is engaged with Scrum communities in Oslo - Norway and Fortaleza - Brazil. Also, being co-trainer with some CST's and being consultant to improve or implement Agile processes in companies over the world by Agilitz Software.

He has worked with processes design with Lean Thinking and improvement of this processes using Six Sigma.

Work experience

Agilitz, Agile Coach
February 2010 - Present, Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Offer consultancy at some companies that needs to reduce the waste and are interested to implant the Scrum framework as the main process to develop complex products with a people group.

Offer training to staff of these companies also and participate as co-trainer in CSM and CSPO courses with CST's from Scrum Alliance.

Is working in produce the CSD course together with REP's in Brazil and Norway.

FIC, Scrum Master
January 2009 - Present, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Work accompanying the teams that are building software projects in specially the SASC project.

CGDT, Scrum Master
May 2010 - October 2010, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

I've been facilitated the PD Case Team in CGDT multi-teams scheme. I've learned really much with each people there and increase my knowledge in Scrum and techologies around the work. We was result oriented and it was amazing and pretty hard also.

Articles I've written

Use of Scrum in music industry
Some times ago I never could think about a way to do a music production with processes cause I was very against follow rules and process to me could consider then a stuck thing.