Connie Yaeger


President, Key Plays Consulting

Location: San Francisco, CA


Certified ScrumMaster

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Scrum San Francisco


Connie Yaeger

Connie has over 14 years of Project Management experience in the financial services industry in San Francisco. Prior to Project Management, Connie was in Financial Analysis and Operations at Bank of America. Connie recently started her own Project Management Consulting company called Within Reason Consulting to emulate her philosophy of providing realistic scope, schedule and cost to projects. A resident of San Francisco since 1985, Connie graduated from UC Davis in 1984 with a B.S. in Mangement and Economics.

Work experience

Key Plays Consulting, Inc., Project Manager
July 2013 - Present, San Francisco, CA, United States
 Key Plays Consulting, Inc. works with companies large and small to help them identify the issues preventing them from operating at their best.  But we don't just hand you a template and walk away.  We think you deserve better.  You deserve that listening ear, people to consult with you who aren't far, far away or here today and gone tomorrow.  We're right in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we've been scoping, planning, testing and executing projects on time and within budget for San Francisco Fortune 500 companies for fourteen years.