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Location: Tampa, FL


Certified ScrumMaster

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Work experience

Healthesystems, Scrum Master (Contract)
May 2013 - Present, Tampa, FL, United States

I am currently serving as a Scrum Master for Healthesystems for one of their areas - Shared Services. We are doing Scrum for a small team, 4 members. I re-introduced Scrum to the team. They were only doing daily status meetings. I took their list of tickets that they use as work items and developed a Product Backlog. I re-wrote some of them as stories. In absence of a Product Owner, I worked with the team and some business Stakeholders to develop the backlog and prioritize the work.

We are using many of the Scrum concepts and artifacts including the Sprint Planning Sessions, Daily Scum Meetings, the Sprint Reviews and the Retrospectives. We are using the Agile template for TFS successfully. I am gradually introducing concepts through exercises including Story writing workshops, Estimation coaching including planning poker and sessions on breaking down tasks.

For another team, I am working with them on implementing a lighter agile framework. They are heavy on measuring and tracking how much work but light on delivery. We are modifying the process to simplify the tools used for tracking and measuring while I coach the team on how to focus on delivering value that is aligned with the business need. There was no real PO and we've identified a PO who has agreed to define a Roadmap that we will use to create a Product Backlog from and incorporate a list of 250 predefined requirements. That list of requirements will be cleaned up and simplified to form the Product Backlog.



FIS, Scrum Master
May 2011 - April 2013, St Petersburg, FL, United States

At FIS, I was the Scrum Master for a Billpay Product. The team included onshore and offshore members. We did Scrum for the two years that I was there. The Product Owner was the business executive for the product. As the Scrum Master, I faciliated the meetings including the Release Planning Sessions, Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives. The team held demos for the Product Owner and included the customers at times.

We used a burndown to measure progress through the sprint.

Healthesystems, IT Project Manager
April 2010 - November 2010, Tampa, FL, United States

I worked as a Full time employee for Healthe for longer but only included the time as a Scrum Master. We used the Scrum framework for a Clinical Services project whereby we delivered a new system for identifying opiods over-usage and alerting medical professionals of this over-usage.

We took the Scrum Master course in-house with Mike Vizdos. I was the Scrum Master. We followed the recommended Scrum ceremonies and delveloped the artifacts. We has a team of about 8 that included developers, BA's, DBAs and QA. The Product Owner was an internal pharmacist and was involved on a daily basis.

I designed and documented the Scrum process for the project that included the Release Planning Sessions, Sprint Planning meetings, Daily Stand-ups, Demos, Sprint Reviews and the Retrospectives. The flow of the project was good and we adhered to the process well enough to make improvements based on feedback.