Location: Pune, India


Registered Education Provider


MISSION: CeeZone aims to be the premier provider of Scrum consulting and training in India. We are committed to providing the best possible courses and advice for our clients in their endeavour to succeed with Scrum.

CeeZone provides a range of training on Scrum, as well as, on modern technical practices that are a key to Scrum success. In addition we coach teams and consult to organisations on how to manage software projects well. This primarily means improved ability to respond to unfolding reality, increased productivity, better quality  and more realistic project planning. 

We are a group consultants, coaches and trainers serving clients all over India. Each of us has over 15 years of experience, remarkable in breadth and depth. Each one of us, at the turn of the century, has been deeply involved in projects which used ground breaking practices and learnt tricks of the trade which are still not widely known. We have worked in highly regarded companies,  been consulted by, as well as trained the likes of Yahoo!, S1, Spiderlogic, Nokia, EMC, Cognizant and Authoria, among many others. We have been educated at top institutes in India and abroad and have built on top of that, as we continue to teach and learn. This group consists of India's first Scrum coach, some of the earliest XP developers who are practicing architects. 


1. Introduction to Scrum [one day]

2. Modern Technical practices [Three day] (TDD, CI, agile design and architecture, etc.)

3. Working with Legacy Code [one day]

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Approved Courses


  • Introduction to Scrum - 1 day (Intro)
  • Modern Technical Practices, 3-Day (Technical)
  • Working with Legacy Code, 1-Day (Elective)