Boris Vukovic


Dipl.-Ing. Informatiker, Logica

Location: Frankfurt, Germany



Certified ScrumMaster


As an IT-Consultant with a passion for new technology and software I have always considered programming as my primary occupation. I've also ventured into modelling, design, unix administration and project management.

As an all-rounder, I have a solid understanding and hands-on working experience in a wide variety of software technologies and platforms, having designed and built applications ranging from utilities for ip-notification to trading systems. So far, my projects have taken me on a journey through all the banks of Frankfurt as there are Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, BfG (today SEB), Dresdner Bank and KfW. Since 2002 I mostly worked on Java projects . As I have spent several years on both sides of the outsourcing equation, I also helped a croatian company to manage their nearshoring spin-off Synerva d.o.o  (

Currently I'm guiding the third agile team into usage of Scrum techniques.