Brian Mowbray


Director Engineering Operations, Agilex

Location: Chantilly, VA


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Brian Mowbray has over 20 years development experience currently working as the Director of Engineering Operations in Healthcare for Agilex Technologies, Inc.

As a Navy dependent Brian was born in Portsmouth, VA and graduated in 1985 from Edward H. White in Jacksonville, Fla. He subsequently graduated from the Westside Skills center in Auto Mechanics and earned state wide recognition to include certification by AAA specializing in diagnostic analysis in all major automotive areas. He then worked various personal skill building jobs to include Full Service attendant/Apprentice Auto Mechanic, variaous sales positions and spent 10 months as a mechanic on C-130 aircraft until he joined the United States Air Force in 1987. Brian was placed in the Aerospace Medicine career field specializing in Environmental Sciences. Environment Sciences covered various topics from Food Safety, Point of Origin Inspections, Entomology, Pest Management, Mosquito Surveillance, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety (OSHA), Hearing Conservation, Communicable Disease surveillance and Preventive Medicine. Brian has traveled to Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea and Hawaii in support of various operations to include Desert Storm. He had a wartime mission of decontaminating patients in a 2nd Echelon Medical Facility. He accumulated over 1500 hours as a trainer before he separated from the Air Force in 1998 to pursue a full-time career in Software development.


During Brian's tenure in the Air Force, he was introduced to computers in 1989 when he was put in charge of tracking the number of Air Force members who had been tested for HIV supporting over  8000 active duty members at Barksdale AFB, Shreveport, Louisiana. He used Z100 Zenith computers to develop a tracking application with DBASEIII. This lead to other development efforts for filling out various forms that previously required a type writer and could perform routine calculations for conducting random samples during food safety inspections for Beef, Poultry and Eggs. He then migrated to Clipper and developed an application that was deployed Air Force wide for conducting sanitation inspections of Food Facilities. He co-authored many other applications to include various Medical Readiness programs to support commanders and an application to track immunizations for all Air Force members and their dependants.  He supported all areas of the SDLC, He also earned his Associates in Environment Sciences and was working on a Computer Science degree.When he separated in 1998 he went to work for the Air Combat Command, Surgeon General at Langley AFB, VA as a contractor to further evolve the Immunization Tracking application (MITS, Military Immunization Tracking Application) and ported it from MS Access to Visual Basic 6. It was then selected as the Immunization Tracking application that would be used by the new Electronic Medical Record application being developed by DOD (CHCSII) for all Military facilities to include Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard facilities. 

Brian became an independent contractor working on the CHCSII/AHLTA system in 2001 and has been consulting with the prime contractor, who was bought by Northrop Grumman IT in 2004. Since 2001 he has worked many projects to include being the technical lead, Dev Manager, Certified Scrum Master for Northrop Grumman and now the Director of Engineering Operations for the Healthcare Sector at Agilex, Inc . He has been in a Technical lead, architect and developer roles of various software components in support of the his current contract to include using C++, VB6, .NET, NANT, XSLT, Business Objects, Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g. He has worked since January 2007 to implement Scrum on various projects but prior to that he was part of a team who started implemting contonuous integration since has implemented various agile methodologies since 2004.

Brian has 3 children and resides in northern Virginia. Hobbies include Golf, Minor Construction projects, and a passion for IT.