Brock Gunter-Smith


Chief Business Development Officer,

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Certified ScrumMaster


Brock Gunter-Smith

Brock began his journey into agile project leadership in 2006 when the opportunity arose to replace a monolithic enterprise application running all aspects of the multinational company he was working at. After speaking with a wide variety of agile oriented development companies Brock decided to enrol in Scrum Master / Product Owner training as well as hiring some agile leadership consultant to help devise a plan to tackle this multi-year, extremely high-risk project.

Ultimately, the entire company of some 500 staff members were educated on agile project planning, participated in writing nearly 1,000 story cards that went into the corporate "Big Backlog" and drove the next 2 1/2 years of development. It was an incredible transformation that ended up with front line staff sitting next to senior executives during product demos every two weeks, highly inter-departmental QA/Testing teams helping both limit unneeded story development as well as refining future features to take advantage of new process possibilities exposed through the incremental releases.

Utilizing pair programming both internally as well as with local and remote developers, the team was able to scale up and down as needed and across time-zones. The project forever changed the corporate culture as it pertained to employee engagement in projects, prioritization techniques, continuous improvement and just plain general agile thinking.

Since then, Brock has introduced agile techniques into organizations in a number of different industries and continues to learn, experiment with and apply Scrum and other agile methodologies.

Brock gives public presentations on Agile project planning and utilizing Scrum techniques to groups, organization and clubs interested in expanding their project planning toolkit.

Brock currently holds these roles:

Chief Business Development Officer - The Group of Companies (

Co-Owner - Bipolar Software Inc. (

Co-Owner - New Media Manitoba (